A Bengalooru blog?

Now that Bangalore is Bengalooru, I was wondering if I should change the title of this blog to /India/Bengalooru/things. Should I or shouldn’t I?

BDA hasn’t exactly rushed out to start calling itself Bengalooru DA and their url hasn’t changed to bdabengalooru.org either. This morning’s Times of India supplement still read “Bangalore Times”. And the silk saree shop we went to last weekend still claims to sell Mysore and not Mysooru silk. I know, it has ony been a week, and there are only that many painters and graphic designers available to do these jobs.

But you know what. I would have preferred a Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq way of getting us new cities. A new city by name of Bengalooru would have been great. So would have been the en-mass move of all politicians to the new capital. That way, we’d have ended up with a few brand new cities. State government could have done those projects as public sector SEZs. But too bad the likes of Dharam Singh and Kumaraswamy chose to do a Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq on cheap. So no new cities and no de-congestion for us!

Jokes apart, we all love this great city. Let us all welcome Bengalooru to the world. Hurray and cheers!!

And I will rename this blog.

PS: Delhi is burning these days you know, and will continue to till a political party realizes someone is missing a trick by not renaming it to Hastinapur. Or should it be Indraprastha? Either way, name change is a sure fire trick to polarize masses.


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  1. Hey,
    I think most people miss out the point that Bangalore is still Bengalooru when we speak and write in Kannada. Its only when we speak & write in english it changes automatically to Bangalore. Just have a look at all those name plates on KSRTC buses, Government forms, etc where its still Bengalooru in Kannada. So this duality has remained for a long time. No one complained. This change will be more of a ‘english’ change and not a ‘Kannada’ change! (like Upendra would say).
    May be the govt thought that they need to give some extra business to paint companies and printers!

  2. Dear Silkboard/Pranav,
    I disagree with your suggestion in this post and others that the state government must move out of Bangalore/Bengalooru. Most employees are natives of Bengalooru or have family ties here. IT cos. on the other hand employ a large number of north indians/other persons who are non-native to our city. It will be far easier for them to move-does a person from north india care if he/she lives in Bengalooru or Mysooru(or even Raichur for that matter) as long as he/she has access to good housing(with roads/water/power etc.) and good schools for kids?
    Perhaps, we can have an IT SEZ outside the city to help decongest it? I read in the newspapers that Ittina developers is developing an SEZ outsider the city-is it big enough to really help in decongesting the city?

  3. Right Shiv. This is an “english” change. It has always been Bengalooru.

    George – I meant only the politicians :) Jokes apart, sctually, doing a new capital – a new city, symbol and pride of new Karnataka will be cool. Delhi, New Delhi. Mumbai, Navi Mumbai. Why not a Hosa Bengalooru!? This city’s time has come.

    IT SEZ outside the city is a good idea, though with so many residential layouts close-by, Elec City and ITPL are almost that.

  4. The difference is that the localities of ITPL and Electronic City do not yet house all the persons who work there. Many Electronic City persons still live inside the city(Koramangala for example) so they travel to work in Electronic City causing jams on Hosur Road. If there were more homes/schools near Electronic City people would stay there and thus decongest Bangalore. To a certain extent, this is already happening as more and more flats are coming up that side. Schools are still a problem, but some are coming up there. When they do come up, this will help in decongestion of Blore.

    Better news, Hubli is getting BPO and some IT investment from Infosys. This means that in a few years, there will be some trained persons there. Soft infrastrcuture like better schools, entertainment etc. will come up there. Later on, more and more cos will relocate there(hopefully) to avoid high attrition and salaries of Bangalore. Karnataka will have a second IT destination apart from Bangalore-Mysore corridor. This will decongest the latter. This analysis is optimistic but possible

  5. Goerge, that was a problem with ITPL/Elec City earlier. But now, staying near those places is almost a realistic option. Hopefully, more folks will move to save themselves the hassle of commuting.

    Agree with you on the Hubli bit. Creating more hubs is the best way to make things better for all of the state (not just Bengalooru). If NICE was to be ready sooner, and HDK gets to do whatever he is promising for Bidadi and Ramanagaram (satellite townships), that wont be bad either.

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