Lage Raho Gowda-bhai

I had decided to keep off this whole Nikhil Gowda episode because tons of bloggers have ‘taken up’ the cause, and Times of India has steady headlines going for a week already. But this is what I read today morning, see that quote credited to HDK:

Without going into details, Kumaraswamy told reporters on Saturday that a day before the incident, a political leader had boasted that he would demolish the Deve Gowda family. “I know who is behind this. Wait for two-three days, truth will be made public,’’ the CM maintained.

What is with that language? It is exactly the way Bollywood villains and Ekta Kapoor’s K series vamps talk! What would be wrong with raising a hand and saying – hey, my son screwed up, and I apologize on his behalf. These things happen, to err is only human and from all accounts this looks to be another rich-and-spoilt teenager thing. Get a bail and move on. But no. Midnight brawls too have to be bracketed alongside daytime politics.

Alright. Your wish. Lage raho Gowda-bhai.

But about the “truth coming out”, oh yeah. We know well by now that ‘truth’ is only code word for ‘hush-hush’. I wish RTI was expanded to include private lives of prominent public personalities as well. Don’t we need to know where these Hummers and farm-houses and diamond jeweleries came from?


34 Responses

  1. This is another nail in the career coffin of Shri HDK. His ineptitude in delivering on the governance front was always in question. Then – with the Bellary scam – and now, with the shameful Nikhil episode, his integrity has gone bust! Time’s running out for sure and the ignominy casts a pall over Karnataka’s image in the process!

  2. Unfortunately media is bracketing Adam Bidappa episode with this one. There is a big difference.

    Junior Gowda allegedly, went on rampage at the hotel, and assaulted the staff.

    While Adam Bidappa according to most reports pushed open a door and perhaps used some expletive. Pretty much no fight or intended assault here.

    In the Adam Bidappa case, he was dragged into a Hoysala, handcuffed, and perhaps beaten up, and kept at the police station. Police did not wait for “any” investigation.

    But in the other case – an “investigation is going on” is the refrain…


  3. Being a film producer himself, I won’t be surprised if HDK ‘disowns’ his son to blunt the Congress onslaught. After all he is the son of Deve Gowda, the master strategist.

  4. Ravi – HDK has been a man of big promises. But arguably, he has been no worse that his predecessor. I see it as failure of coalition governance in Karnataka. 3 big parties. And each has been a part of state government. But similar performances. Who do people vote for next time?

    AKD – Very true. Cant paint this one and Page3 Bidapa in same color. But media is too keen to connect the dots.

    Kishore – ha ha! Deve Gowda ‘disowned’ HDK’s coalition adventures, HDK may very well apply the same trick for his son’s midnight adventures!

    Just need a case of kidnapping. And murder of a high profile Industrialist or Doctor. And Karnataka can get even closer to Bihar of 90s.

  5. I only hope that JDS is pushed to oblivion for practicing its special brand of politics. But as SB put it, all 3 have turned out to be bad, so who will be chosen next. None of them have come out in flying colours ( ok ok too much to expect – but atleast a reasonable performance ?) Makes one long for S M Krishna.

  6. It is important to get the right people at the top jobs. THAT will make a big difference.

    For that we need good people standing for elections, and the word to spread about them, and middle class to vote.

    Is there a case for NRN (Narayanamurthy) bieng our PM? Someway ? Not President, but PM. Dream on…

    For now came across – LokSatta. A new political outfit that you will soon hear more abt – caught them on tv recently.

    If the current trend is not arrested Abu Salem will be making the laws in parliament for you and me in another few years. For all those who think he cannot win – think again. Shahabuddin, Pappu Yadav – all with serious criminal cases – are doing exactly that – framing laws for you in Parliament.

    Election Commission Statement (1999): 700 of our 4072 legislators have criminal record.

    When we ignore evil, it envelops us.

  7. So far,
    I’ve appreciated your uncanny ability to identity issues affecting Bangalore, but towing the line of ToI is not excusable.

    What a strategy by ToIlet of India and their shills..
    Ask question in English,
    a. the guy answers in English, which is not his mother tongue, with all the influences of native tongue he says something while he wanted to say something else and the English media and their shills carp all over it.

    If you getting all your information from ToI you deserve to have the kind of opinions you have.

    They printed a wrong photo on the first day’s report. They printed HD Revanna’s son’s (Prajwal) photo saying it was Nikhil. They were so happy wetting their pants to attack Gowda family that they did not even do their homework correctly. So, shouldn’t Gowda family be suing for dragging an innocent boy(Prajwal’s) name through mud?

    Why dont you be impartial and criticize them? and slam them for being the slime they are? You hide behind the uber-cool mask of cosmopolitan correctness.

    It is a big pastime for ToI reading people to vent vitriol against everything that is not understood by them. Stop spreading their shit.

    Use your own sense what priority and balance before giving more ammunition to undeserved people.

  8. I think that what the CM is waiting for is to leave enough questions open and unanswered, and then after around a week, it will be long enough that people will forget about it and something new will come up.

  9. Kishore – I read ToI, DH and Hindu almost everyday. But yes, that quote from ToI made me write that post. And as you correctly point out, it is very likely that ToI may have added and removed things in translating HDK’s broken English. I agree, that is likely. And I appreciate you pointing that out.

    But Kishore – please, I am not ToI promoter. I slam their sh** more often than I quote them. And to be fair to ToI, while they suck at few things, they cover Infrastructure issues better than the rest.

    But in this case, two facts are enough to tell me what may have happened. All papers say that Nikhil Gowda filed an FIR against Hotel employees, most likely even before Hotel guys filed their FIR. And #2. Since last 3-4 days, concrete information has stopped coming in local newspapers. Only vague stuff and accusations. No copy of the FIR(s), no images from the CCD at the Hotel.

    I am willing to slam ToI for their quality in general. I already took the blame for toeing ToI line here. But please, don’t make me or anyone give a clean chit to HDK or his son. Not yet.

    The point I am making is this. HDK or his son may be 100% innocent. But that quote (if true) is so not required. It is like accusing some unknown person without showing related evidence. “I know who is behind this”. Then tell us!!!

    If he is not willing to reveal that name, he doesn’t have enough proof. Simple. Why not wait 2-3 days to reveal the name and the plot along with the proof. Whats the need to rush with these irresponsible statements?

  10. But, you will have to understand how politics works.

    By naming names, the burden of proof lies on the accuser or he will be wide open for libel cases.

    If you noticed the day 1’s report, Youth Congress activists were all over the news along with the main news with their protest. Doesn’t that rise a stink about this being staged?

    The Congress are bad losers. They cannot remain out of power for too long. They are the worst of the lot.

  11. “… Why not wait 2-3 days …” you say, but you know that would turn out ?

    “CM refuses to answer questions
    Does he know too much?
    What is he hiding..
    ” and such inane crap.

    ToI is famous for asking questions like
    “Have you stopped beating your wife?” kind of questions.

    Any answer will be twisted out of context.

    Journalists have to be professionally cynical, but ToI goes out of its way to flame issues using the wrong sentiments . Its only interest is to sell more newspapers by putting inflammatory words on the frontpage.

    I too am pissed off at Rich brats taking law into their own hands. But, not everything is black and white in the exact same way as it is reported.

  12. You say the right things Kishore – “everything is not as black and white as reported”, true. I do think thought that HDK’s inexperience is on display here. It just seems as if he is new to all this limelight and unwanted publicity.

    <b>Namma Nadu</b> – Krishna returning to active state politics, that could be on the cards. May be that is why they didn’t induct him in the central cabinet. Saving him for state elections!?

    But, as Kishore said – Congress hasn’t been playing its cards that well recently. BJP may get to gain by saying this – “hey, when JD-S was in bed with Cong, govt sucked. But when JD-S is with us, govt is doing better. So we made that positive difference”. Next elections will sure be very interesting.

  13. So, what ever way the election swings, it needs a Gowda to rule Karnataka

    JDS – HDK
    BJP – Sadananda Gowda and party
    Congress – Krishna the saviour


  14. Current JD-S and BJP combo is much better than Congress. SM Krishna is only good for IT folks but not for farmers. HDK is hardworking and down to earth person who visits villages.I think whole Nikil episode is a plot by jobless congress folks. Congress folks just want some reason to damage HDK govt. And newspapers/journalists just take money from Congress folks and write some crap.

  15. As an “IT person” and a Bangalorean I liked Krishna.
    But I’m also someone with relatives in Rural Karnataka.

    In krishna’s period, the power situation was horrible and completely mismanaged.
    Compare that with the current one where Revanna is heading the power ministry.
    You get atleast 8 hours of power in most parts of the state and power theft has dropped to a single digit, which might be a record in any Indian state.

    The benefit of this has been passed on to the people of karnataka, with a cut in electricity prices.

    So, which government is better?

    [in all fairness,during krishna’s period, karnataka experienced a 4 year draught, much severe than today]

  16. Either IT or farming alone is not enough. In all likelihood, Krishnas and Gowdas both know it. But since these parties play the “polarization” game, they tend to get bracketed as pro-farmer or pro-urban.

    Whatever be their images, neither of these guys can do the “best” job. It is because of the sad fact that problems of a city (like Bangalore) or a village are not left for the local governments to solve. Chief Ministers try getting into local governance, sort of like CEO sitting down to code. and you only have 16 working hours in a day (8 to sleep).

    So till we get local governance reforms, or we get a supremely good administrator who really knows how to delegate stuff, quality of public services will suck.

  17. These are times as Paine might have said , which trouble the souls of men. Although the topic is about a ‘juvenile delinquint’ some of the tangential thoughts expressed here are frankly worrying.

    When we say that the CM ( A public functionary at the very least ) is waiting for time to pass and people to forget, to me it speaks volumes of our short attention spans.

    The argument slowly gains an English Vs Vernacular/ ToI good vs ToI not so bad/ Current coalition vs Past coalition/ IT vs Rural populace slant. Surely the next plausible step is swift boating?

    While the need of the day is surely decentralisation and local government there are fantasies of Industrial head honchos becoming Office brarers- PM no less! Is it a case of an overdose of ‘sambhavami yuge yuge’/

    Perhaps this is why Manku timma says ‘ sulabavenalla naralokahita nirdhaara’.

  18. Please stop discussing Nikhil Gowda-it is a very uniimporatant matter compared to the governance of the state. Instead, please focus on real issues. I passed by Vidhan Soudha yesterday and saw 2 protests which were not covered at all:
    1)One by blind people demanding better facilities
    2)Temporary govt. teachers demanding regularization.
    I am not an expert on either of these subjects and do not know their merits. But I am sure that resolving these issues is more important than Nikhil Gowda. No newspaper covered them

  19. +1 to George

    Let us leave politicizing to politicians.

  20. Imahotgal: Does NRN have any less right to run for PM than a Gowda? The argument that I am right – you are wrong – is quite funny.

    Juvenile Delinquint – what a term. This guy drives a BMW, and what-not, smashes a hotel.. and its Juvenile ! Hats off to your golden words. Lage Raho…

  21. Imahotgal:
    Juvenile Delinquint – what a term. This guy drives a BMW, and what-not, smashes a hotel.. and its Juvenile ! Hats off to your golden words. Lage Raho…speaks volumes abt your juvenility..

  22. George/Imahotgal – I didn’t intend to talk about Nikhil Gowda (or any juvenile delinquent) per se. The original post was on the futility of CM wasting time on this arguably trivial thing (which BTW, only needs a quick clarification and apology if needed). Move on instead of “Lage Rago”.

    They waste time in politicking and more so, about un-real issues – that was the point.

    Kishore – you are being a bit harsh on hotgal here. Just they way you and I have our viewpoints on rights and wrongs, she (assuming it is a she) is entitled to hers. Now, don’t call this cosmopolitan correctness yet again :)

  23. Er! I dont know who this second “Kishore” is.
    I’m the one who wrote comments 7,10,13,19 only.
    Perhaps you can check with the email addresses again…

  24. One of the answer to all this mess is if we have a Online voting system for our elections.Then all people who are working away from there homes are who dont venture out to vote bcoz queues etc , will vote.

    I think army people get the option to vote by mail, why cant we have the option to vote online ?

  25. Ritesh,
    you are an naive City Guy and it shows. When most people *in* the cities do not have electricity, let alone computers, expecting to conduct elections online is a elitist’s wet-dream and nothing more.

    Democracy is about participation and no amount of Technology is going to solve the problem of voter apathy.

    Did YOU vote last time?

    To Silkboard: I’ve given a valid email address this time. Perhaps, my time is worth reading your blog ;)

  26. Ritesh – that laziness is the thing we have to work on. One has got to take the trouble and ‘participate’. That is a minimum.

    However, the thought of using technology to make it easier to vote (and eliminate fraud) is a good one. Vote via SMS may be a saner thought though. We have ~ 100 million mobile subscribers as of last month, and still growing strong. This group is more “socialist” than “elitist”. Mobile voting may not be an easy thing to implement (identity, security), but will be cool, isn’t it!?

    Kishore, no sweat, and thanks! Blogging, reading or commenting, after all it is infotainment more than a noble-humble thing :)

  27. We have lot of people discussing the state of affairs in Karnataka and India in general. Well thats good.

    imhotgal: If goondas can run for elections, surely we can have honest industrialists stand for elections too. It is this kind of thinking which makes street side hooligans stand for elections, and we are left with potholes, crores lost, and silly comments.

  28. Well first of all Silkboard there is a different angle to weather beaten topic- makes it interesting.

    There is this emerging thing about why shoul’nt ‘honest industrialists ‘contest elections if goondas can- I can only try to interpret a view and it appears that the initial point was that we seem to have a great dependence on personalities to come and lead us out of messes we have created or contributed to and not whether anyone is ineligible to become PM- there is no simple answers but this has led to the current state- let’s not forget the Gowda clan too has its votaries – of manipulative politics.

    Another issue we all seem to be side stepping is the short attention span of the public and therefore making evasive politicians even more slippery customers. Isnt that what HDK is saying- ‘ give them time and they will forget’ or like H Wilson (sometime PM of England) said- a week is a long time in politics.

  29. Interesting:
    “we seem to have a great dependence on personalities to come and lead us out of messes”


    That is not the point. The point here is that – If we do not have better people fighting elections, you will be left with Abu Salem entering the Parliament. And as somebody said he can win elections by caste/regional game. And about clearing mess – it is indeed the CM’s job to do it. Can you go to RTO Office and ask the folks to do their job? They will throw you out. The CM can.

  30. So now that HDK has spent a day in ToI’s office, Syed has become the fall guy. And to go with the sob story, HDK said that even Mahatma Gandhi erred in his teens. Hope he referred to Syed alone and not his son. The way these newspapers change colors, oh my God. Two confusing and conflicting messages. But I am only happy to see the issue fade to background. There are bigger things to focus on and talk about.

    Shashi – My view. Top down change may work quicker, but it has a dependency on stars to align so that we can have Manmohan Singhs in all ministries. Bottom-up approach where you and me drive change is seemingly-harder, but a more sure bet.

    Coolguy – you have very valid point. Talent isn’t going to politics. And it is not going to bureaucracy either. It is all going to private sector. But we should be okay with that provided private sector and citizens take the time to keep a tab on public servants.

    If the guy at RTO doesn’t do your job, try complain to a higher official. Dont just say – “nothing will happen, let me bribe to save time”. Or “who has the time to complain”.

    And there is an exciting new development cooking that could make ‘taking civic bodies to task’ even easier. Next post on that.

  31. SB>

    ” If the guy at RTO doesn’t do your job, try complain to a higher official. Dont just say – “nothing will happen, let me bribe to save time”. Or “who has the time to complain”.”

    Agree. But the guy to whom you go to complain is corrupt too. Try complaining about a constable to a inspector (have done that) – was told that – so whats wrong with he asking you to take care of him. So much for complaining…

    And going to courts is another story..

    Not saying – all things should be perfect. But, setting things right via citizens everytime they see a pothole – is inefficient. The very reason govt. is elected – is to do just that – else we can take care of our own wards… Monday Joe cleans, Tuesday Julie. Administration – is for what the govt. is elected.

  32. CoolGuy, let me just copy over some comments I left on PoliteIndian’s post on corruption:

    Since it saves us time, and since most of us are okay not complaining about it, may be there is no problem here. Thus, I argue.

    If we really hated bribery and corruption so much, we would be spending personal time to do something about it. Most of us don’t. So that tells me, most of us don’t mind these acts of corruption.

    How does that sound!? Well, that logic has a flaw. Like Sharique said. These amounts are trivial for some, substantial for many.

    But still, it is more than a rich poor thing. We all have hands and mouths. And it is not the age of Mangal Pandey that you will get shot if you raise your hand or voice against the Babus.

    Collective cowardice, and our selfish ways of leading lives. Thats what I put it down to. And it shows up everywhere, not just in these acts of bribery and corruption.

  33. [b]Silkboard[/b] – We need a write-up from you on the BMIC and the Gowdagiri surrounding it, with the pros and cons of the corridor. Maybe all issues raised by the Gowda family aren’t false and we need to debate on that. Didn’t know where else to put this request. TIA:)
    And for all the naysayers abt B’lore infrastructure I only have this to say. Projects like the BMIC, the BIAL and the BETL are the first of their kind attempted in this country and there are a lot of policy issues that have never been thought of or anticipated by the governments, both at the centre and at the state level, before. This is not to condone the delays and the politics surrounding these projects but to give another perspective to why this is happening in B’lore. We have to do our best in making sure these projects succeed as they will provide the blueprints for future such projects all over the country.

  34. Writeup on BMIC and Gowdagiri – thats a big ask Navin, but will try.

    One more thing to remember abt Bangalore infra is this. It isn’t Bangalore alone. Most cities have similar problems either already in place, or approaching. Whatever stuff we discuss here applies to most metros and capital cities.

    But in terms of pointing to the future of our cities, keep an eye on sealing related developments in Delhi. That case captures the growing pain of our cities rather well. Citizens (businessmen) erred. So did all the city/state governments by turning blind eye for all these years. Courts are rightly punishing both of them. I am eagerly awaiting the end game there. Very interestingly poised.

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