Demolition squad rule-book, Ring Roads and more

Have you been to the BMRDA website yet? BMRDA or Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority has been putting some stuff up there. Not a lot of material yet, but few interesting things already.

The most interesting thing I found was a comprehensive list of the so called building Byelaws (or is it spelt Bylaws) ! Find it all well documented here – setbacks, zonal regulations, parking requirements and everything. And then, go around Bangalore and find me buildings that follow these to the dot! Heck, I never knew stuff like:

Garages shall be permitted in the rear right hand corner of the plot.

Go look at Innovative Multiplex at Marathahalli, and then read parking related Byelaws that say:

Theatres and auditoriums including Cinema theatres except educational institutions. 1 car park of 3 mts x 6 mts for every 25 seats of accommodation subject to a minimum of 20.

I really wonder if these ByeLaws are regulations to be enforced or mere suggestions.

ringroadsSecond interesting thing I found was a good map showing the two major ring roads being planned. Image takes a while to load on BMRDA site, so I have a copy here. Click on the thumbnail to see a large image that shows the rings they plan to weave around Bangalore. Notice the NICE peripheral ring road as well. Very informative, it may help you make your real estate purchase decisions.

Third interesting thing I noticed was complete absence of “project status” like information. Does BMRDA not execute any projects? Is it merely a we-only-suggest-and-plan body? Take the ring roads. How do I know the status of STRR and IRR projects?

Anyway. let us take all we are served, with the hope that more good information is on its way.


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  1. In India rules were made just for breaking sir! And our great courts are there to give stay order..

  2. Perhaps they expect you to use RTI to get any sort of status.. why publish something that is most likely to be dubious (remember the koramangala-airport road flyover? How many years was that in the making… i think 2+ maybe 3, and the Jayadeva junction flyover – even longer).

  3. NRIHopes – the otherway to see this is either 1) We Indians love to break rules or 2) These rules aren’t publicized or practical enough.

    Apun Ka Desh – Add Marathahalli Railway bridge to that list!

    May be someone at ToI read this post last evening. There is a story on STRR and IRR on front page today, and they have the same image I pointed out from BMRDA website.

    Funny enough that the ToI stories mentions the budgets (by quoting CM Kumaraswamy), but again, there is no mention of dates or deadlines. What then is difference between amateur blogs like this and Times of India? Shobhan Saxena!?

  4. Garages shall be permitted in the rear right hand corner of the plot.

    And why not the left?

    I mean why do we have laws (or by-laws) like this? Do they exist for the sole purpose of filling up pages in some book, or is there actually any good reason for their existence?

    PS: Helping some corrupt officers become richer is not a good reason for existence of laws.

  5. BTW, guess BDA decided not to give project status because it contains two words no one likes in their project status reports – “schedule overrun” and “over budget”

  6. I wonder myself Sajith, have been planning a detailed post around similar thoughts. Why and how did we arrive at these bylaws? I am sure there will be some logic. But some of them (not many though) seem impractical and unworthy to enforce.

    First and foremost – why are these bylaws not publicized enough? I am sure 90% of Bangalore doesn’t know these. And obvious it seems that the ones who know these bylaws (folks who approve building plans) get compensated for staying blind to them.

  7. From the two examples you gave, guess its 50% that is not worth enforcement. I think the parking by-law is a good thing and worth enforcing, but looks like it is never enforced.

    I don’t know if its 90% or more that is ignorant. I do know that I never knew of the ones you mentioned. And I think you are right when you say that folks get compensated for turning a blind eye towards them.

    Look forward to your detailed post sometime in future.

  8. SB> What a surprise… yes as you already observed, the same pic, and info. appears on TOI. Sure, some journalist is following your blog. ;-).

    As for the laws – here is how they are framed:
    A High Level Committee (hehehe) goes to China (or any country that is flavor of the season) and studies(raoms all over) roads/flyovers there – remember the recent fun ride by officials to china ostensibly to study metro there !!

    This committe comes back and writes down whatever they did not understand – that becomes the law.

  9. Sajith: regarding “why not the (garage on) the left”, it is to maintain a good distance between the houses. Note that the setback on the right is also more than setback on the left, so if you have to have a garage, you can have it only on right. Let’s say you don’t have that garage-on-left byelaw. You build the garage on right and your left-side neighbour builds it on his left. Then the two houses will be too close to each other (with only 5+5 ft setback separating the two houses for a 40×60 site, rather than 5+10). Or even worse, you build it on right and your right-side neighbour builds on left, then the two garages and the rooms above the garages are touching each other, which is not desirable.

    Silkboard: as for 90% of Bangaloreans not being aware of these bye-laws, I don’t know. When you buy an application for plan sanction before constructing the house, they do issue a booklet which explains the byelaws with illustration. It is not very complex either (well, in my case I had to break my head a bit, because it was a corner site and there were different interpretations of the rules for corner sites).

  10. Hai Guys,

    Don’t fight here.

    There’s a golden oppoertunity to invest in land before anyone even thinks of it, as you guys are leading the communication worls, and can sniff this as an golden opportunity to invest in nearby areas of this township, it may become gold, if not atleast its cost will never decline, so go ahead guys buys Acres of land near these new townships,

  11. hai please suggest me some good place to buy a 20×30 plot in bangalore

  12. Investors – agree with you. Bangalore satellite towns are good investment opportunities. I am no real estate expert, but Bidadi and Ramnagar side seem like good bets, as growth towards Mysore seems very probable.

  13. As NRIhopes said, rules are there to be broken. Indians will find a workaround or a loophole in every rule. When caught, Indians either claim ignorance or try bribery to get out.

    I think your talk about investment should be viewed in a larger context. You talked about “Urban Naxalism” in another post. How about the injustice the villagers surrounding BLR are facing? Will we see more urban violence because of the deepening rich vs poor or urban vs rural divide? The government sponsored land grab has just begun in the name of IT SEZs around the city…Govt buys land at below market rates and hands it over to the real estate developers who make a fortune just by developing the area!! Nice scam. The poor people who lost their land or livelihood neither have skills or connections and they will not even get menial jobs at these IT SEZs. Poor are already marginalized enough. For example, the villages around BLR have become garbage dumping grounds as our consumer culture generates >2000 tons of trash a day. This is polluting the ground, water and air in many places. Now the rich yahoos are coming after their land to build endless concentric ring roads and SEZs and townships.

  14. How can you live in your houses, and flats when there are people who are living in mud houses.

    It is shameful to drive around in cars, and drink fruit juice, when there is no drinking water in villages.

    Its a shame on all you rich guys, who have nothing better to do than work in rich companies, and blog about conditions of bangalore.

    Who gave you that right? So, think before you speak.

  15. Cool guy, IndoTechie – though you say slightly diff things, the tone is similar. And I am with you on the gist of it. Which is – I will keep it short – This growing divide is going to be a huge problem if we don’t work on it. The 100% urban centric growth approach needs a correction.

    But please, cut that ultra-socialist talk. It is because of thoughts like these that most of us are still languishing in poverty. Stop living in utopia.

  16. This is an interesting discussion. In case of the Bengaluru famous 30 X 40 site, 40 being the depth – around 10 feet have to be left in the front. Around 5 feet behind and sides. Effective area got here is 20 X 25 = 500 Sqft. Assume a feet for external walls (9 inches plus plastering), it comes to 18 X 23 = 414 sqft. I am left with only so much by these infamous byelaws. I am trying to fit in a decent bedroom and dining of 12 X 12 carpet area, Bath cum toilet of 5 X 8, Kitchen I am sacrificing for 6 X (whatever), pooja of 5 X 4 remaining space for Hall. It seems I cant have this. Interestingly the future concept is 20 X 30 sites and it brings tears to see people living in such conditions in the IT capital of India.

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