Joke – Wait for a day!

A taxi driver told me this joke over a month ago at Pune. We were on our way to my destination, and were going past the mess called University Road. As you know, a series of flyovers have been in construction there for close to two years now.

“Sir, someday this flyover will be ready and we will get to drive on it”.

“Yes, hopefully soon”.

“But sir, I have a tip for you”.

“Tell me, I am listening”.

“Do not drive on this flyover on the day they inaugurate it. Please wait for a day before you try it”.


“The way they are building it (from the two ends), I am not sure if both the ends will align and ‘meet’ on top. kya maaloom, gaadi uda ke oopar gaye, aur beech mein road hee gayab. So wait a day, check the newspapers and then try it”!!!

[I put the climax down exactly the way he said it, in Hindi. Translation: “What if you drive all the way up the flyover, and all of a sudden, the road disappears from under your car”]

I was rolling over with laughter for a few minutes. He had a point. By looking at the mess, you can never figure if construction from the two opposite ends is going to “meet” (or join) right. Frustrated with so much delay, my driver friend had little trust that they will build it right.

PS: I hear (yet to confirm) that a similar thing actually happened during construction of Satara by-pass. They planned a tunnel and started digging from opposite sides of the hill. Eventually, the two ‘ends’ did not ‘meet’, and they had a do some magic to complete the tunnel.


8 Responses

  1. That’s funny….
    I have also heard about tunnel story….I don’t know why they need to start the work from both side (when they are not sure they are going right)….

  2. Bangalore (and therefore India) is one of the few places in the world (or is it only) – where you have traffic signal/stop right on top of flyover.

    A case in the point is: The flyover leading from Double Road(a.k.a KG Road) towards MG Road. Perhaps there are more… this is crazy.

    But, then – there is no accountability to begin with. And this is the reason excellence has to be rewarded, and mediocrity punished.

  3. That was a good rollover(laughter) over a flyover.

    On a serious note, India takes a lot of time constructing its flyovers compared to other countries.

  4. Fun post. I agree with Apun ka Desh, and add that B’lore must be the only place in the world where a policeman is posted on top of a flyover to make sure no one goes down a completely useless stretch of un-used flyover (Residency Road to Double Road). What firsts and onlys we have. :)

  5. Nice joke. If you ever come to Delhi, you will see so many flyovers and metro sections being built, that even with the law of probability, it is likely that this situation will come true in Delhi sometime.

  6. Can’t stop laughing…

    If the Satara incident did take place, maybe the next tunnel project should start with analyzing Channel Tunnel to figure out how it was managed.

  7. In the case of Satara tunnel, they should’ve just continued digging.
    They would’ve got TWO tunnels instead of one!
    What technology we have! GREAT!

  8. First of all, chennai beat us to the ‘cop on the flyover’ title. But we are not very behind. Very soon, we will have another (any guesses folks?). So Bangalore will have 2 of them. There was an old joke about the english channel. Apparently a letter expressing interest in digging the tunnel had come in with a ludicrous quote. The guys were invited for a discussion. 2 weather beaten gruffy looking englishmen turned up. In all seriousness, one said, i will dig the tunnel from dover and my mate from Calais. When asked what would happen if they didnt meet , the englishman smiled and said ‘then you will have 2 tunnels for the cost of one !’.

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