War or peace, we know business!

Just read this “Don’t worry about F-16” bit on rediff.

US Ambassador David C Mulford said India had no cause to worry about imbalance since it was getting civil nuclear cooperation, a one-time, very special exception for any country.

Military cooperation with one nation, and ‘civil’ with its neighbor, sounds dicey, right?

But look at it a bit carefully folks, it is “guns for the general, and growth for a democracy” – America knows who wants to buy what! That country is one smart sales and marketing machine I tell you :)


5 Responses

  1. Hi

    Its all about double standard policies of US.

  2. America has always practiced the philosophy of “Democracy at home, Dictatorship abroad” to suit its sales interests.

  3. After Ohio, Florida, Abramoff- I am not sure of the democracy at home bit as well.

  4. China, and NOT USA – should be India’s role model… or if not role model – we should learn from those folks.

    It goes about silently becoming a super power (without unnecessary noise). It is hand in glove with any regime that can help its economic cause. Its buying Oil from Venezuela, Keeping North Korea on its side, cohorting with Iran (for oil again).

  5. Ekawaaz – at least the talk of US about spreading democracy and all – that does have double standards.

    Hiren – The thing is, we all do things to suit our own interests, why shouldn’t we. The problem is tall claims of philanthropy.

    Hotgal – you know so much more than us. Really, I just didn’t know the Abramoff bit.

    Apun Ka Desh – China, though it sounds tempting, can’t be India’s role model. Europe fits better there – we can learn from EU, its a group of culturally and linguistically diverse groups like our nation is. Slight variation we may have over EU is – we are religiously diverse as well.

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