Mahesh Bhupati and Younis Khan

Mahesh Bhupati ran into good friend Younis Khan at Mumbai airport.

“Mahesh bhai, I heard you wont play any tennis for India now.”

“Yes da.”

“But why bhai, why?”

“Sorry da, can’t tell you now. Anyway. Tell me about you, I heard you won’t ever captain Pakistan.”

“Yes Mahesh bhai.”

“But why?”

“Sorry yaar, can’t tell you now.”

Silence for a while. And then they both go.


“Oh yeah.”


2 Responses

  1. Reminds of how Jhon Wright said nothing during his stint as coach of the Indian cricket team for five years but opened up later in his book.

  2. Autobiography is the in thing these days Hiren. How much money do these people make via these books? Must be a lot I assume.

    May be the politicians/bureaucrats are opposing full fledged RTI because that will dry their ‘source’ for autobiographies :)

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