The Bangalore onlookers

Let us try profile this club. Members frequent the few malls Bangalore has. Mostly male, but wonder why. Is it because Bangalore does not have ogle-worthy men? Or perhaps this variety does not frequent the malls? Well, I certainly don’t, only about 3-4 trips so far this year. Kidding :)

Remember the ‘Somari Katte‘ things like the one at Jayanagar 4th block? These onlookers’ hangouts are the modern incarnations. Indoor and air-conditioned spaces, better that way, but sorry, you got to stand.



8 Responses

  1. Gud one..
    I could suggest one more “set” of people, who are just sitting outside forum, aimlessly watching the passing crowd..

  2. Good One.

    After all it is an Air conditioned Katta :)

  3. Happen to visit Forum during my India trip. I too observed lot of people just killing time in malls just by simply standing and looking around. And it looks to me like Bangalore malls are becoming meeting places for boys and gals….Maja Maadi Saar

  4. How long before these malls start charging an entry fee (say Rs. 20) which can be redeemed against purchase in any of the stores inside?

  5. Thanks Sumne/PI.

    NRI – Bangalore just so short on time-pass places, malls – with parking air conditioning etc – are about the best options.

    Mohan – The entry fee will give more wind to the ‘elitist’ tag these malls carry. If they work on the “expensive” perception instead, many onlookers may double up as shoppers as well.

    Going by the crowds you see, Bangalore needs like 5-6 more biggish malls.

    I personally prefer the ‘walk and shop’ experience Jayanagar 4th Block or Commercial Street type places offer. If they could improve those places a bit – accessibility, parking, pavements – these malls would bleed.

  6. Good Shot.
    Speaking of pictures – you must take one – of Forums from outside, just about anyday – when trouble is expected.

    Like Bandhs, Holi… you know.

    You will find a net hanging from top to bottom. This ofcourse it to prevent miscreants from throwing stones at the glass facade of the mall.

    So, much for the law and order.

  7. When Forum started charging parking fee sometime back, everyone thought it won’t be crowded anymore. But Alas! It’s more crowded than ever. It’s to be expected anyway. Where else can you go in this stupid place called Bangalore.

  8. ApunKD – In fact, I have a photo of the crowd around that coke bottle outside Forum, chose to publish this one from Garuda Mall instead.

    Manish – you are so right! If you aren’t the pub-hopper or cine goer type, you just don’t have anything else to do here (in Bangalore for sure). I too feel that is the reason these malls are so crowded.

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