Phone shopping and the information glut

It is time to upgrade from my retro phone, a 3-year-old Nokia 3650. And I have very clear requirements, decent camera (to make blog-worthy photos), a decent MP3 player (I travel), calendar and address book should sync with PC (so that I can donate my Palm T3 and T5 to an orphanage) and budget around Rs 20000. Yes obviously, it should be a decent phone as well, but that isn’t something phone shoppers really look for these days.

First round of Internet search fine tuned my specs to these. camera 2 Mega Pixels or more, expandable memory for mp3 files, and, preferably Symbian or a similar smart OS. Then, some furious googling for “as all-in-one as possible” devices threw up following models. Nokia N70, 6233, N71, N72 and N73. Sony Ericsson W810i, W700i, K750i, K800i and Z610i. Samsung D600, P850 and D900. It was clear to me that either I go for 6233 or 810i type phone in Rs 15K range, or raise the bid to ~ 22K to pick between N73, K800i or D900.

But this is where the problems began. God, it is all so-so very confusing. What the hell are these phone makers and review sites doing by throwing so much at you!?

Some sites say N72 and K750i don’t have 3G. But they won’t tell you what 3G is good for. N73 and K800i make great photos, but experts caution the camera covers are too fragile – oh, how stupid of Nokia and SE. And by the way, K800i is supposedly not a smart phone, though K750i was. N70 is seemingly outdated now, but newer model N72 sells cheaper, why? I am just lost on the model numbering schemes here! N91 has 4 GB storage and Wifi, cool! But reviews talk about low screen resolution. Talking of resolutions, every reviewer on the Internet says 352 x 416 (N80, E70) is double the size of 176 x 208. Learn some geometry, N80 has four times the real estate than N91 you dumbos, not double.

Talking of touting similar models to confuse shoppers, Samsung takes the cake. D500 did well, so they flood the market with sliders. And now, even the phone fanatics cant tell D600 from D800, D810 from D820 and D840, or D870 from E900. Oh by the way, I tricked you there; D810 is a clamshell, though the model number may suggest a slider. Oh man, these out-to-please-you phone makers, God give them some sanity.Nokia E70

Anyway, in the end, I had to selectively ‘erase’ some models and reviews from my mind, and I have decided to toss it up between Nokia N71 (a Symbian clamshell) and Nokia E70 (the best all in one for my budget), whichever falls my way sooner or cheaper. E70 is cool, Wifi, nice screen and a full qwerty keyboard. But it supposedly runs out of memory a lot, and has this problem of … … no, nO, NO. Not again. E70 it is, don’t you force any more models and reviews on me.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so they say. But in present times, too much information just kills. Bits and bytes are flying towards you, duck them all if you can.


7 Responses

  1. I have SE W810i and its very nice. I personally dont like Nokia phone (I don;t know why we all select and faith only on Nokia).
    The best part is its mp3 player…It has inbuilt 500kb storage capacity and sound quality is also good.
    May be i am confusing you more….When I was selecting, I also searched a lot on net and only got confused…then I alsked my friends and they suggest me either 810i or E70 but I liked SE and bought it…..

  2. Shashi, 810i or E70? These two different types of devices. Did you mean N70 instead? 810i is the best if music is the main intended use. Good choice.

    So I again looked around for E70 yesterday, seems like no one has one in stock. Bored of this confusing and long search, I stretched myself a bit and got a Nokia N80. It was funny that I fickled till the very last moment (N73 or N80?) – right till I made the payment.

    I am glad my shopping is done!

  3. How about a Moto RAZR V3i ? The sleek phone ?

    Camera is not 2 mpxl, but 1.23
    for MP3 it has built-in iTunes
    Calender, address-book – all are there.
    PC Sync is present – S/W CD comes with it.
    256 MB memory Card comes with it.
    Budget wise – its present market value is around ~11k.

    Howzzat ?

  4. Sorry its N70…
    Nokia N80 ?? I haven’t heard much about it and basically I don’t like Nokia (perticularly with camera phones)…
    V3xi its good but picture quality is not that good…

  5. I have Nokia 6233, and serves my purpose of 2 meg camera, have miniSd slot with 512MB for MP3, runs good two/three days with normal talktime and has blootooth and FM radio…@13800 i feel it’s good bet.

  6. Nitin – Razr some how seemed more fashion than function. I don’t like motorola interface plus v3i’s 1.3 MP camera isn’t very good. I heard there is a new version with 2 MP camera, I couldn’t get to try that. Either way, Razr had nothing more to offer than W810i or 6233.

    Rajesh – 6233 is a real good deal (like W810i), value for money with everything you are likely to use. Don’t know why they didn’t put S60 Symbian on it. I was this close to buying it.

    I still think E70 is the perfect phone right now. After having have used N80 for a few days, it is good but overpriced for what it offers.

    For those who are looking for function and form and not as much fashion, I think a 6233 + Symbian OS + 2 or 3 MP autofucs camera would be perfect. N73 is almost that, save for that creaky camera cover which is waiting to tear or crack off.

  7. It sounded like an EBay site :-) people writing their suggestions on the gadget. Ha Ha.. your forgot about bluttooth ? which can save your message cost..!

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