All in the name of Lord Ganesha

Yes, use of loud speakers is something a lot of bloggers complain about. I have something else here.

Somewhere in Bangalore, this society was organizing a Ganesha Festival. A makeshift but pretty grand door with dancing lights was erected to welcome onlookers like me. The well lit bamboo structure was certainly very impressive.

While I was walking in, I took a look at the legs of this huge makeshift gate. Oh no! There were scars made on the road, must be at least 3-4 feet deep, and were all permanent. Damage of public property, plain and simple.

What do you think, is it okay to do a thing like this in the name of Ganesha? Do people even pause and wonder that someone has done a ‘wrong’ here? No they dont. And neither do they complain or object when our government does similar stuff.

Raja or Praja, we are all like this only!


7 Responses

  1. There is a famous mantra by the name of Om Shri Ganeshaya namah which is reported because Lord Ganesha is supposed to be a spiritual symbol for removing obstacles and not creating them. In oour country, anything can happen.

  2. It is not permissible to damage to any public property as shown above. I am concerence about this too, but find clueless , helpless in such situation.

    Khalil Gibran says “wrong doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all”

    Governments turn blind eyes towards such thing with fear to offending ‘religious feelings’.

  3. On a related note:
    Have you observed many times when processions are in progress; especially through narrow lanes – participants do not hesitate to throw wood / coconut shells straight at passers by!! Anonymity and numbers – give one a lot of power?

    So what happens next on this road digging?

    – nothing happens.
    – someobody complains – the BDA or Municipality people laugh it off. becz they don’t care or have aleady been bribed.
    – BDA or Municipality sees it as an opportunity to mint money – pay a visit – collect some bribe – and leave.

    What should happen is the people/organization responsible for digging up the road should be fined.

    Then again – why shud the BDA care – when they see – corruption is rampant around them – their bosses are making money that way – every other day a minister is implicated in scandals.

    Bottom up approach does not work well. It has to be clean at the top.

  4. Hiren – Ganesh did remove the ‘obstacle’ here – the road!

    JV/AKD – Why blame government again? How much policing can you do? It is us – the people! One amongst us only goes on and becomes the so called ‘government’. That one guy does not care about these things when he is still ‘one of us’, and he will do the same tomorrow when he becomes ‘one of them’.

    It all works bottom-up. And so, it can all change only that way – bottom-up.

  5. Just fine them or send bill of road repairs to respective Ganesha clubs….Singapore style! I know in India Ganesh festival is an event for some people/associations/clubs to make some quick money in the name of Lord Ganesha. I even know of some events where in they “fix” the winners of lucky draw before the draw itself. Ganesha… bless India!

  6. Perhaps the bottom up approach is the only alternative – hence – the way to go under the current circumstances. But it indeed is the worst possible alternative.

    People with legitimate power can correct things overnite.

    How many times we think of throwing garbage in the right place – but there just are no dustbins to be found. Yes as a community and individuals we can put up some garbage bins and try to make things work. But, we indeed have govt.(not public :)) servants being paid exactly to do these things and they do not do. And it would be far more efficient if they did their job well, and we did ours (by paying taxes etc.).

  7. Who is ‘us’? Where it is?. Nobody ready to take responsbility, and that why I cited Gibran. When I blame on govt. its comes to me when the circle is complete.

    When I blame government, it is their post holders, administrators, rulers (no pun) for whom I voted, elected, trusted.

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