Coca-Cola and Pepsi suing state of Kerala?

Keral high court set aside the ban imposed by Kerala state government. I am sure you read news about the verdict here, there and everywhere.

But now what? If this is the end of the ‘pesticide controversy’, then I am not happy. Why are either of Coca-Cola or Pepsi not suing Kerala government for damages? They did lose some money and consumer goodwill during this period of uncertainity in Kerala, didn’t they? If a similar thing were to happen in the US, these two cos would have claimed millions of dollars to compensate for lost sales and market goodwill. Why not do that here in India as well?

Is it because our legal system isn’t seen to be mature or trustworthy enough to handle such trials? Or is it because ‘socialists’ will hit back at these companies – look at these MNCs, they are asking for tax payers’ money to fill their ever so full coffers.

The point is this. If the commies of Kerala have indeed acted in their commie-nationalistic ways to simply send an unwelcome message to businesses around the world, then they must be taken to task. If CSE (the sarkaari lab that did those pesticide tests) did goof up with their test-results, then someone there has got to be fired or exiled.

And by the way, I am just going by Kerala High Court’s ruling here. I trust them on their judgement in calling the state government or CSE’s bluffs. I have no special affinity for MNCs, nor any hatred for CSE and Kerala Government.

Just that I want us to move out of this ‘soft-punishments’ and ‘let-us-move-on’ (a.k.a. chalta hai) culture – irresponsibility deserves punishment! Sue them Pepsi and Coca-Cola, and to counter the socialists, once you win the case, just deposit all those millions in Prime Minister’s relief fund. But please, do more than just quietly resuming your sales in Kerala.


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  1. Ofcourse these MNCs fear fighting the sleepy govt. officials and even more asleep politicians in courts because of these very reasons – indian legal system is not viewed as mature.

    It is likely that – politicians will use this litigation to do even more harm to MNCs, by sending out hooligans to rampage thru the streets ( they can do this – becz of poor law and order situation) – and then this will be presented as Janata Kee Awaaz.

    Infact these murky politicians – if they allow free and fair trade – it is not difficult to wipe out poverty.

    But, useless labor laws continue to hold back people from starting enterprises and thereby providing employment.

    By Protecting the jobs of few thousand employees, they are INDEED preventing lakhs more from getting employed.
    Its a sorry state – wonder how this can be corrected.

  2. Large companies (Desi or MNCs) “fear fighting the sleepy govt officials” – because politicians will then “do even more harm to” them. True. But politicians have been losing control on ‘governing’ businesses.

    However, I would bet that things would be similar even in the developed and more liberalized economies. There, the politicians will have a little less powers to harm businesses. But no economy can afford to give businesses a free run.

    Justice and legal systems are key. For businesses and government will end up clashing every now and then.

  3. Anyway who wants to “aa bhense mjue maar de” [ come on bull hit me]

    ALready they are neck deep in trouble with pesticides issues – so they want to let bygones be bygones.

    Interestingly the great khan is back on production lines drining from the bottle.

  4. Aamir Khan and politics, do you think that is waiting to happen? Could be interesting.

  5. Cheap Politicians will not refrain from changing laws too – to suit themselves.

    How many times have we had Court pass a judgement – and when the willy Politician does not like it – they just enact newer laws, or change existing ones.

    Reservations is a Shining Example of that, Shah Bano, and countless others…

    Courts can do only so much…

    Recently Mr Jaipal Reddy was on Television – giving advice to the Courts : See you only need to interpret Laws, it is upto us to make Laws… this was with respect to demolition drive in Delhi.

  6. Your surprise is quit on place. The MNC would have sued if such thing happened as USA. And for that legal infrastrucure and menatlity of Indian people are responsible.

    With indian judiciary to claim damages one has to prove actual damages , which is difficult in the given case. And further, loss reputation is considered on the damages sustained on account of loss of actual money, which is again difficult. So loss of reputation is no loss in the eyes of law. And even if a party suceed in a legal battle cost of such proceeding is awarded in just few hundereds rupees.

  7. I agree with the whole article…if further inquiry in the case is done then actual damages can be proved…

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