Okay to copy-paste, but how about a link and credit?

[Update, Sep 25: ‘Easy Drive Forum’ has since updated the posts in question to include hyper-links to original sources]

While looking at some referrer links just now, I ran into this site called ‘Easy Drive Forum’. Read a post there, and my two month old post (The bad driver again).

Please, if you do a copy-paste operation like that, take the time to provide credits with a link pointing to the original post, like this other post on the very same forum has, thanks you.

Online plagiarism is rampant, what with so many blogs and forums around. Most of us don’t blog to make money, so don’t have the time, interest or bandwidth to use Copyscape everyday. But, guys, it is only decent to not take credit for other’s work, whether trivial or big. That is “blogging 101”, isn’t it?

I try to follow certain self-prescribed rules, only to feel a bit better.

  • Whenever quoting, mention the source.
  • Never just copy-paste newspaper articles (like this other Bangalore blog does)
  • If scanning newspaper clips or photos, wait at least till the next day (because they don’t sell stale newspapers)
  • If ‘borrowing’ image other than trademark/logos etc, mention the source. (have broken this a few times)

4 Responses

  1. Belive me, I have also been on the receiving end of this copy-paste thing. As you rightly say, we dont really blog to make money but will surely love to hear from someone who read it.
    I have had instances when my own post reached my mailbox through a cascade of e-mail forwards, of course without dure credits.
    The current idea I have is to use hyperlinks (to your own posts) during any given posts so that anyone just can not copy it. Even if its copied with hyperlinks, I suppose it helps to get the web traffic back to where it belongs to.

  2. ApunKD – thanks.

    Right said Shastri. Being a relatively new blogger, I haven’t had fewer such instances so far. Will do your hyperlink suggestion from now on.

    Have you tried copyscape though?

  3. Hi Silkboard,
    That is indeed a very interesting point that you noticed. At no point of time, should the content be “copied-pasted” like that, without mentioning the URL.

    At the same time though, I have been through the web site: http://www.easydriveforum.com , and found it really an informative source and a very well and noble gesture by the founders of the same, targeting really: the IMPOSSIBLE, as it’s punch line says- in it’s own way, about it’s disregard for the impossible, Indian Roads and Traffic.

    Also, Silkboard, they have modified the link as well, so, I don’t think they are having any ill feelings or motto to do with the site, nor do they possess any kind of business model to get attached with the same, that they might be encouraged to get as many of free traffic and mileage.

    Yes of course, traffic would be great if it really is going to help in building the site, and really help our country in remaking the Traffic conditions of India, but not at the cost of forgery.

    It is a preety new and fresh site, so may be thats why they are look out for fresh content for their site, so, i would suggest you to join their venture for some revamp of our country. Rectify me, if i am wrong…!!!

    I have gone forward and registered myself in the forum, and suggest you to do so, as well, as it is just about helping and lending your hand for a noble cause, so, you wouldn’t be having anything to lose, but to gain.

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