Aaha, easy to say!

Time for a sporting break. Some day earlier this month, I read two similar sounding bits of news printed next to each other on the sports page.

One went: “Kiran More criticises BCCI’s selection process”. He did this the day after he quit.

And another: “V Bhaskaran blames lack of communication (or was it coordination) amongst players”. This was in connection with the Hockey World cup debacle.

Well well well, talk is so cheap! If arm chair critics like us say those things, fine. But who the hell gives you the right to crib about stuff you have had a chance to mend?

Hai hai Mr More. Chairman of selectors for 3 years. And not a thing said or done to reform the same things you criticized. But the day you leave office, your big mouth opens loud and wide?

And Mr Bhaskaran, aren’t *you* the coach of our Hockey team? If it is not you, then who exactly is responsible for teaching communication and coordination to those players? Me?

If this is how respected officials from premier-most games of the country behave, wonder what is the state of affairs with other sports bodies. Actually, no need to wonder, we all know and see it loud and clear.


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