The emergency exit!

Here is a picture taken inside a popular store housed in a famous Bangalore mall. Notice anything odd?emergency

The oddity would have been obvious if I had a better quality cameraphone, so let me explain. It is an emergency exit (that red sign says so), but with a fat Godrej lock sitting on the door handle !

I guess the store is trying its best to comply with safety related norms.


4 Responses

  1. Very Interesting… but not surprising.

    After all we only do lip service, and attempt to follow law ONLY in letter (that too fails in this case) and not in spirit.

  2. Believe me ..In India rules are made to break.

  3. Emergency exits would also need security. Possibly a one way lock would help. I mean people should be able to get out of the building in an emergency but thives should not be able to enter from outside. They should change the door so that there is no glass window, to me it appears even a one way lock would fail because the thief has to break the glass from outside and open the door as if opening from inside.

  4. Scarlet, you get plenty of locks that are “open” for traffic in one direction, but locked another. And a “door is open” alarm costs as little as Rs 150. But I am sure that one-way lock and door-open alarm costs a lot more that a Godrej lock. Either that, or the store does not understand the importance of emergency exits.

    Actually, it should be the job of insurance companies to check that these safety norms are being followed. Such violations should make insurance companies demand more premium from the store (high risk of loss of life in case of fire etc).

    For a minute, I thought of doing all this – figure insurance company for the store, call them, mail this picture and details, pass on the higher premium idea. But then, I have a day job.

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