Size does not matter: the unfair game of numbers

I think it happened during the days when I K Gujral was Prime Minister. The single largest party in Lok Sabha sat in opposition (BJP). The second largest party supported the government from outside. And the smallest party in Lok Sabha ran the government (some Janata Dal splinter).

But what is going to happen in Jharkhand could beat it all. An independent MLA may become the chief minister.

Looks like in our democracy, size does not matter. These are the days of junior partners, deputy chief ministers and king-makers.

Will I be wrong in calling Indian coalition politics as the most unfair game of numbers ever?


4 Responses

  1. Constitution must be changed such that whichever party(National Party) wins maximum seats in the election must be given power to rule for next 5 years. By this India can avoid lot lot lot of election expenses.
    I have some suggestions to improve election system in India:
    # Ban all regional parties from entering national politics. Let them be in their respective states.
    # Make voting mandatory else government must fine upto 500 (For SC/ST) to 50000 Rupees
    # Make sure all election candidates know how to write and speak Hindi / English
    # Last but not the least , make sure ONLY Indian citizens by birth can contest elections and cast vote in elections (India doesn’t need any outsider to rule India). I’m talking about Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi..after that Rahul’s white(pirangi) girl friend…and goes on…Let us stop all this.

  2. Agree with point #1. Did you know that there is a PIL sitting in Supreme Court asking that to be made into a law. Few folks have said the samething, that regional parties have more local interests in mind which at times may not not be truly national, so, they should not be allowed to contest for lok sabha. SC has admitted this PIL.

    #2 isn’t doable. I mean we first have to sort out the voter ID card thing. Actually, we badly need national ID card like thing. That will help in many fields – elections, taxes, internal security, law/order.

    #3, most do.

    #4, law or not, that didn’t happen, right?

  3. Jharkhand is the most mineral rich state in India; and is amongst the poorest. What a Irony?

  4. I think we need a parallel universe for the complete existing setup in India. Something to compare the existing setup with and slowly kill the existing setup.

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