Too filmy to be true?

In all the newspapers yesterday, this – “Cable wars leave two operators dead” – was the most shocking piece I read:

The manic plot unfolded like a scene from the movies – minutes after the duo walked out of a CMC leader’s residence allegedly after seeking ‘rights’ to a particular locality, they were waylaid by a gang of around 20 armed persons in four vehicles. The assailants chased the duo and hacked them to death in front of horrified onlookers in Vaddarapalya near Jnanabharati Layout around 11 am.

I have heard these ‘cable rivals’ keep cutting each other’s cables every month over “territorial’ disputes, just that the events are not considered news-worthy. But murder at 11 am, chased and ‘hacked’ in front of onlookers? Oh God, sounds just too filmy to be true!

Is this how businesses in 100% unregulated sectors operate?


3 Responses

  1. ever since the cables business started, it is filled with unsavory characters ever since.

  2. I know that there are cable wars but never knew that it was this bad. Maybe there were other reasons for the murder, not to say that anything would justify something like this. Is it just me or do you notice more murders in the crime news now?

  3. From what I read and hear, dont think there is any unusual spurt in crime as such. There are more people living in Bangalore today, so there is correspondingly more number of criminals around.

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