The laws of Traffic-o-dynamics

If you are a science/physics freaks you may appreciate the laws of trafficodynamics. Here is the first draft for public consumption.

The first law: Total velocity of a traffic system (read city) remains a constant. If there are fewer vehicles on the road, speeds would be higher. If there are more vehicles, speeds will be lower. Essentially, sum total of all speeds shall remain a constant.

The second law: Entropy (read chaos) of an isolated traffic system never decreases. Essentially, no matter how much energy you put in, the chaos can only increase.

The third law: There is an absolute constant in the traffic system called as absolute zero speed. But unless all the speeds in a system approach absolute zero at exactly the same time, entropy can not decrease.

At the time of writing, these three laws of Trafficodynamics have been proved to apply only to Indian particles (read vehicles) and traffic systems.


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