RTI: the fine thing works!

Hope you read this bit about Karnataka Information Commissioner fining two different government officials for not helping with information requested under RTI. Actually, I did not know that the RTI related fine gets deducted from the salary of the government official in question.

Two officials have been slapped with fines — one Rs 500 for not giving information and the other Rs 5,000 for giving misleading information — under the Right to Information Act (RTI). The penalty amount will be deducted from their salaries.

While this news will be headline to RTI related blogs and sites, and RTI certainly helps eliminate some corruption, I still maintain that RTI alone is not enough. Till public gets an easier way of incriminating public servants using information we “uncover”, full potential of RTI isn’t utilized. Example – Once I find out that my city bungled in constructing a road in my locality, what next? 5-8 years of legal battle in the local courts?
BTW, how about making “hiding” or “not revealing” information a non-bailable offence?


2 Responses

  1. rti works, may be slow,but definitely works, if more people join hands it will work faster.

  2. Vincent, agree 100%. It does work and should be used a lot lot more.

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