Three car conference and a rocket launcher

Time for some more traffic pics.

Three cars got together for a conference in the middle of an intersection. A 30 minute jam was the natural result!

Spotted a mobile rocket launcher near Innovative Multiplex. Hope the guy wasn’t aiming at those planes that land just a kilometer behind Innovative :) (apologies for rather poor quality pic)
In Deve Gowda’s Bangalore, tractors are allowed as long as they dont plough the roads. And they have wonderful parking sense.


7 Responses

  1. Bangalore is the worst place to drive in the whole world. My goodness!! Two wheeler drivers think they are Bollywood heros in Bangalore.
    In back of my mind I had a dream of coming back to Bangalore from Bay Area….but now I decided I’ll never come to Bangalore..rather I may goto Hyderabad or Chennai. It is high time that government must bring rule in bangalore for vehicles . Rule must be “ONE VEHICLE PER HOUSEHOLD”
    God bless bangalore drivers!! Vande Mataram.

  2. Went back to US because of Traffic? So many other good things here didn’t matter to you!? I moved back here from US early last year, and so far I am good.

    Heck, we couldn’t do one or even two “child per family”, how do you expect us to do “one vehicle per household”?

    And trust me, Indian Traffic is endless source of fun. It just takes more time to get from point A to B. So I only think of time here, and not distances. Example: going from Whitefield to Jayanagar is like going from Santa Clara to Fremont. Both around 40-45 minutes. If you think 30 miles and 17 kilometers and compare that way, then you are done.

    If someone can get me to meet Mr Rajkumar Hirani (of Munnabhai fame), I can convince him to use Indian Traffic as inspiration for next Munnabhai movie. I even have a nice script ready :)

  3. I’m also planning to script computer game on Indian Roadrage for Nintendo. It will be big hit I’m sure :-)) The bad/sad thing is we (Indians) follow all traffic rules like chickens when we are outside India but not in our own country..I remember even PM mentioned same point in Bangalore somedays back.

  4. Silkboard,
    sorry it took me quite some time to come here after you commented on my post . Why so late? Well, I was stuck in a jam ;)
    But I agree with you that may be we should start a group blog to write about Bangalore’s traffic. I am sure the subject will be best suited to write with any tone.. sarcasm, humour, frustration etc.
    And about the traffic rules not being followed, I have my latest post on the very issue . Your comments are welcome.

  5. Sorry for the format error. The first hyperlink points to my post with your comment and the second to the post about a solution I came up with, to stop traffic violations.

  6. The last picture… I recognise it… I remember honking for 10 seconds to get some space to sneak my car thru :D

  7. Dont lie Mithra. You honked for at least 30 seconds! I took the photo imdtly after you sneaked thru.

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