When BJP and Bukhari shook hands

Dande err … Vande Mataram fracas makes me predict two controversies that lie ahead. Read the stories as they would break out, and be ready.

1) The National flag debate

BJP says Hindus will not bow to the national flag as one of the colors in there, green, represents a non-Hindu religion. “We will bow only to the saffron”.

Mr Bukhari wakes up to remember the saffron in there, he follows suit. Chaos ensues, NDTV goes crazy with muqabla after muqabla. Rajdeep Sardesai uses the heat to launch yet another news channel.

Later, BJP and Mr Bukhari join hands to object to Ashoka Chakra as well saying it is a symbol of Buddhism. They release a joint statement saying we can’t promote something our country banished over a thousand years ago.

In the end, and in its true and copyrighted middle-path approach, India adpots a new all white national flag.

2) A country struggles for its true identity

Shiv Sena refuses to accept “India” as the name for our country saying the name isn’t our true identity. “India is how the Christians called us; we got to have our own name”, thunders the authentic Thackray of the time.

Mr Bukhari shows his softer side by proposing Hindustan as the new official name. “Let us name it after our elder brothers” gets to be his slogan and he gets popular, so much so that he is tipped to be the next Prime Minister. BJP and Bukhari become friends.

But Narendra Modi halts the party by objecting to the use of word Hindu in there. He files a PIL, and argues that the word was coined by a bunch of Muslim invaders who couldn’t properly pronounce the word “Sindhu”. Supreme court admits the PIL.

And “Sindhusthan” is born!


5 Responses

  1. Very interesting I must say. There are so many offshoots of the original controversy. I didn’t know there could be so many interpretations.

    But honestly, What’s in a name. Its the implementation that matters and that leaves a lot to be desired.

    Interesting post.

  2. Thank you for your post on my hindi blog. You can also visit my blog in english on sulekha.com at hinduindia.sulekha.com and please also visit http://www.hindualert.org.

  3. Hiren, hey, what is all this ‘implementation’ stuff. I was just poking some fun at the zealots.

    BTW, do you know why our flag has saffron on top, and green at the bottom? Let me keep the suspense. Google and let me know what you figure. Idea for another controversy :) ?

    Amitabh, hindu hindu everywhere, what’s up? You seem like a right-winger, just short of preaching hate.

  4. wow, first time i visited here on my own city blog :) it is really nice – congrats


  5. Substantiate your statements.

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