Pune vs Bangalore – 4: The napping x-ray scanners

Two cities yearning for more business, Pune and Bangalore, look at the way their airports function.

Serpentine queues in front of the security-check gate. Ladies carrying children, older men, the suit-clad business tycoons, all standing for as long as 25 minutes.


But, Airport Authority of India (AAI) does not bother. Even though they have additional x-ray scanners at both these airports, half of the machines are always found napping. (See pictures from BLR and PNQ, notice scanners turned off). I ask each time if the other machine is shut for repairs, the answer I always get is – we are short staffed, can’t run all the machines simultaneously.


Ahmmm. When they use “shortage of people” as an excuse in India, you know you are being lied to. And then, these AAI duffers, they will go on flash strikes the day anyone whispers the word privatization.


4 Responses

  1. Thats the problem. Vested interest. I went to South east Asia first time last year and the airports I saw in Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore were out of this world. Our metros will take a long time to catch up. At least they are doing something.

  2. Good post. I also visited Pune recently and have posted my experience . Have a look.

  3. […] The city is well connected to almost all tier-1 cities in India thru road, rail and air. I didnt get a chance to go inside the railway station, but from outside is looked like a very crowded and congested area. The airport is a mess (under renovation now) and in a very isolated area – far away from the city. […]

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