Don’t like a prof? Kill him!

Scene 1
A group of students barges in to a college. They ask around in the crowded college, “Who is Professor Sabharwal?”. Someone points the professor out. Students beat the prof up as a few around watch the show.

Scene 2
Crowds, media and ambulance. Prof is rushed to the hospital, and later, dies. Yes, he dies.

Scene 3
Police refuses to lodge a case, saying there is no “eyewitness”.

Scene 4
An eyewitness – a college peon – comes forward. A case is registered.

Scene 5
This sole eyewitness predicts his own death at the hand of very same people who killed the professor.

No, I am not reviewing a Bollywood movie here. “Scene 5″ is being played right now as we speak, and the sets are in Ujjain.

What the bloody HELL!? Whatever wrongs this professor may have committed even if he did, who the HELL gives a group of “influential” student politicians the right o murder him!

BTw, the professor’s crime? He was rumored to have cancelled upcoming student elections, and the guys who killed him were budding student politicians. Sagarika Ghose, you are so right, we better take off our rose-tinted glasses.

I am so numb fingered right now, that I just can’t type anymore.


8 Responses

  1. Whaaat?? That is so shocking! And a grim warning for things to come???

  2. Perhaps yes Shruthi. The culture of ransacking public property and taking law onto your hands has definitely seeped into our colleges.

    Karan Thapar was talking to a few folks about this case (and a few more at Chandigarh, Meerut) when he asked a student ‘leader’, “Do you think students crossed the line these days?”. The lady replied the Ujjain case was an ‘accident’ and let us not generalize. Mr Sitaram Yechuri suggested that these cases, and specifically Ujjain, should be looked in isolation. I just turned off my TV, someone tell me that the CPI(M) leader didn’t hijack that discussion into ABVP/BJP and politics.

    The thing I object to is this general culture of breaking the law. Don’t like Narmada Bachao Andolan, ransack their offices. Don’t like Aamir Khan, threaten cinema halls who screen his movies. Don’t want Pakistan to play cricket, go dig up the pitch. Want to mourn a cinema star’s natural death, burn a few city buses.

    We see people doing these things and getting away all the time. No wonder this ‘ransack’ culture has percolated down to the student levels as well.

    Sad to say, but movies like Rang De Basanti only encourage this.

  3. True. That’s one of the reasons I did not like RDB. That way, Yuva gave a better message.

    One thing I have seen is that people all over are not taking everything sitting down anymore.. Put to good use, and applied to a valid cause, that is an excellent thing. But it spawns incidents like this one too.. and also the spot-on examples you have mentioned…..and that is very scary.

  4. Only Day before yesterday, one of my very successful and well to do friends was explaining to me about the injustices heaped on him and others and how they were extremely frustrated that they could not do much about it. One cannot take the law into one’s one hands but to expect people to be too tolernent is also a little unrealistic at times, our courts being what they are.

    All these advances in the media should be used to improve transparency so that the matter is brought to light and resolved.

  5. I think all this used to happen earlier…only that the media is espousing the cause now – of bringing it to the notice of the world at large. I distinctly remember (i was a small kid then) that during Gundu Rao’s (the then CM) times, Government Arts & Science College (popularly abbreviated as GAS!) was a budding politicians/gooda nursery – and names bandied about — Diwakar et al would actually brandish ‘long’ (aka kannada slang for a longish sickle) and strut around college ; Rumours of a van with hockey sticks, knifes, blades etc at the corner of the road waiting to used; It used to scary for students to walk around KR Circle as they may be caught in the crossfire. But this incident is over the top — simply unpardonable. The culprits must be brought to book. Let the long arm of the law catch them (notwithstanding corrupt cops and their even more venal and corrupt political bosses). Amen.

  6. Magga – very well said. Things haven’t changed or become worst (things like goon-giri or city infrastructure for example). Just that media has started highlighting these now. Why? Because the middle class (media’s market) has suddenly started taking interest in these. The “middle-class” was never big enough to be a vote-bank. It is reaching that critical mass now. When we get to be a sizable vote-bank, vote-seekers will have a to drop a few pennies and promises our way as well.

    Media should follow these stories to closure though. Track these cases once in a while to let people know if the guilty were chased or caught yet. A recent example. Kumaraswamy promised to chase the goons that burnt buses after Rajkumar died. Media covered these incidents and promises really well. Where is the follow up?

    Hiren – Yes man, it is frustrating. And people want an outlet for this frustration. That is why RDB was a hit. I am told there are better and legal ways of pushing the government etc that are emerging. (RTI, PIL, Internet). But I dont know …

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