Wings of steel!

Trucks carrying dangerously dangling cargo are fairly common on Outer Ring Road. But looked to me as if this one had wings of steel. Only thing, it wasn’t able to use those metal feathers to fly. But if one rod from the bunch had slipped and fallen down on the road, my car and I would have flown for sure!

PS: What if you are stuck in traffic and safety hazard of a truck like this starts reversing towards you :)


6 Responses

  1. This is what make me mad. But, what the hell to do with these @#$^* . Nobody is interested in road safety, except on paper and that too during ‘road safety week’ only. Hell be with them.

  2. Hey Dude,

    Caught up on your rantings after a long time. Nice work …

    Looking forward for more.

    – Vasudev

  3. thanks Vasu.

    JV and guys – apparently you can complain. Two ways.
    1) Leave a feedback from Bangalore Traffic Police – click here.

    2) Contact a senior police official at: 2942222 / 2943322

  4. Ummm.. I was complaining about the same situation in my town, would that number work ? lol

  5. Fabulous picture, felt like “opening a can of worms” when I saw it first, but the trio of vehicles is a great example of “adjust madkond hoggana saar”. Wonder if we can highlight these issues at a Kannada conference in Baltimore this weekend: or maybe they won’t care!!

  6. Thanks Ram. Hey BTW, about your site (, the design looks good, looking forward to more content there. And thanks for mentioning the Mahabharata post.

    Indian Traffic is in a serious mess awaiting a cleanup. But its not that tough a problem to solve, just needs a little planning and policing in place, thats all. For example Rs 30 crores for a flyover is bad idea. But Rs 30 crores for 10 traffic lights and 20 more traffic policemen is money better spent.

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