Bangalore takes a real step to decongest itself

If you read the newspapers today, you may have marked out that “Greater Bangalore bit” as ‘headline of the week’. But I found this “tender” on page 5 of TOI to be the most exciting piece.

It is a tender floated by BMRDA (Bangalore Metro Region Development Authority). Wish I could provide a link for you to read, but it is titled “Request for qualification for development of integrated township at Bidadi …”. And it goes like this:

With a view to decongest Bangalore … BMRDA proposes to develop five new townships. The first project will be at Bidadi … aimed at creating work-live-play … township … with quality of life and amenities better than or equal to Bangalore.

Essentially, BMRDA is calling out for private parties who will be interested in developing an integrated township at Bidadi, around 35 km from Bangalore. Did you notice the ‘right’ language used in there? The intent is so very encouraging! That is exactly what we needhigh quality satellite townships that wean investments and people away from Bangalore.

Good going BMRDA, hope this project will be executed with good speed and quality! And while you regulate development of these satellite towns, please do start planning for arterial roads that will connect these with each other and Bangalore.


2 Responses

  1. It makes me suspicious – why BMRDA should invite tenders when itself can take up the work. By the time some private contractor responds to it, there will some farmer crying foul.

  2. BMRDA should only regulate, and let private parties do the real job. Reason: BMRDA doesn’t have the needed expertise in building planned cities.

    And farmers will cry foul, for Gowda will be around whenever land acquisiation starts. Plus, it is a sensitive issue after all. I have heard that even though the government offers good deals (land in exchange, money), farmers dont get all of it that easily.

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