‘Original’ DVD video

This metblogs post from Shadow reminds me of my struggle to get hands on an original DVD at nearby rental stores.

When it comes to renting video here in Whitefield, we don’t have much choice anyway. One day I set out, drove around and found this store on the main road itself.

I asked him, “do you have original DVDs?”. He said yes. I said, “show”. And he produced Hollywood DVDs, Star Wars Episodes III, II and I, all on a single DVD. Well I knew this couldn’t be original. But he insisted.

I asked for more, he came out with a blockbuster two-in-one Hindi DVD, “Kal ho na ho” and “Main hoon na“. I recalled seeing these at Dana Bazaar in Fremont few years ago. Some grocery stores in SF bay area were raided few years ago for carrying these.

Anyway. This time, I offered to pay more if he could rent me any original DVD. So he produced (pun intended) Iqbal. I went home, but nope. Having backed up DVDs at home before, the pixelated video in first few frames was enough to tell me it wasn’t an original. My search for the ‘original’ DVD video continued.

Another store, and I renewed my original DVD offer. This time I was made to try Bunty aur Babli. Same result. I had to argue with the storekeeper now. “Why do you guys not rent the originals?”, I asked.

Well, I touched a raw nerve there. Instead of an answer, I got a question fired on me in turn. “How many MP3s have you downloaded so far?”. I was cornered, and before I could prepare myself for an answer, I got it back once again. “Those who live in glass houses … “.

I have stopped searching for original DVDs in Whitefield. Though I still download MP3s once in a while.


10 Responses

  1. Next time insist on paying what you paid for the MP3s you have aquired.

  2. Well, I pay 1000 Rs a month for MP3s, I mean broadband :)

  3. Ha ha…this was hilarious
    This shows that even the shopkeepers in ‘namma Bengaluru’ know a S/W orofessional’s activities :)

  4. I have lot of friends in Bangalore although I’ve settled in bay area, California. Most of the Bangalore friends will be online(I mean chatting) during office hours. I’m assuming either they don’t have any projects/work or they are misusing productive time during office hours! I think all the Bangalore (So called Silicon Valley) IT companies must block the msn and yahoo messangers. Also suspend employees who enter chatrooms by any other means. And I assume condition is even worse in BPO call centres..

  5. NRIObserver, dont know why you have posted these thoughts here. But let me tell you one thing. In your bay area, where I worked for close to 7 years, most of my co-workers would have at least one ebay auction window open while they listened to their internet radio stations.

    Unproductive hours spent on office-internet is a global thing, dont just malign Bangalore here! Whether to regulate internet at work or not is up for debate. Though, why should a well managed company mind , as long as each employee is completing his/her tasks on time?

  6. Disclaimer: I am an investor in the below-said company. There are a couple of options now for renting online (ala NetFlix clones of India), like seventymm, Madhouse. Although the latter is only available in Chandigarh at the moment. They will expand to Delhi soon and to other metros next year.

  7. Prasoon, now that you remind me of Netflix, that (clones) should be the sureshot way to rent original DVDs. There is one at Bangalore too, it started a few months ago.

    And Nitin, yes, they would know, they are pretty computer literate themselves. I bet a few of these stores ‘copy’ DVDs in the store itself or at their homes.

  8. Shruthi points out seventymm.com could be the Netflix for Bangalore.

  9. DVD originals in Bangalore,rent them out from http://www.fridayboxoffice.com Rent 2 Dvds for Rs.100 for 4 Days.

  10. i understand ur problem…………………..u know what pirated cds are junk and it will destroy psychologically the minds of pirated cds……….look at them they seems bindass but arent happy from inside…

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