Bangalore not to be the capital of Karnataka!

No, that is not happening right now, I just made that headline up. Actually, no one is even thinking about it. But, at the risk of being renamed silkboard-bin-tughlak, I say that is a good long term solution for de-congesting Bangalore.Vidhan Soudha

Given the rotten state of our cities, and amount of political will it will take to clean them up – clear out slums and encroachments, acquire private property for almost every other project, punish those who break developmental laws – why not think of greenfield cities? 10000 crore rupees won’t go far in doing anything to set right a congested city, but you get lot more value for money in building a brand new city.

Most capital cities in India get to play two roles – economic centre, and political hub of the state. Each role brings a set of crowd with itself. Why not jumpstart a new city by just separating them?

In fact, a greenfield capital city started that way – government taking the lead by moving its own business to that city first – will have a greater chance of encouraging other businesses to follow.

The idea does have a parallel elsewhere. In US, the economic hubs are rarely the capitals of states. California, neither LA, nor San Francisco or San Diego. Florida, no Miami or Orlando. Ditto for most other states.

Business is business, and politics politics, how about driving that line clearer and further!?

So come on, let us build a brand new capital city somewhere on the beautiful west coast north of Udupi and south of Karwar, and move all the state government offices and government run companies out of Bangalore to this new place! How about Vijaynagar as the name!?


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  1. I think instead of creating new capital city, government must decentralize all the public departments to different cities of the state. Also new industries/IT companies/BPO etc etc which are planning to come to bangalore must move to cities like Mangalore, Shimoga, Mysore etc..
    It will be a challenge to build new city as it needs proper planning. I’m sure if govenment has a will defintely world class engineers from Japan, Dubai, China can build super city which includes merto rail, huge huge airport (I mean it..for future capital we need an airport with 20 runways),
    subways. We can invite american food chains also into new capital city. But I defintely will not expect people spitting in new city. So government must provide restricted access to new city. We don’t want villagers and beggers to enter new city and build slums. And also strict rules on traffic like american style DMV tests etc..We can only build new world class capital city with help of youths of India..not the babus and corrupt officers.

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