The Vande Mataram controversy – II

Since I touched that sensitive topic – Vande Mataram controversy – only to state my hatred against the politics of religion, I have to add some more “balanced” opinions there.

I look at Vande Mataram not in context of the book it originally came from (Anand Math), but from the angle that this song has at times been on the lips of nationalists during the pre-independence days. That is the history that readily comes to the minds of many and myself. So I didn’t like the way Mr Bukhari was quoted – “a Muslim cannot worship … motherland”. That is being a bit too literal in my opinion.

But if Mr Bukhari had instead argued what this blogger has written here, there would be a more meaningful discussion. The song may have that big anti-Muslim baggage, I wouldn’t know because I have never read all of Anand Math, though I am tempted now to read and figure if that “baggage” claim has some merit.

And I do see the pain when Indscribe says

Muslims … unfortunately have to wear their patriotism on the sleeve all the time

[Note: Please, no hatred-preaching, you own all the comments you make here]


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  2. Listen Vande Mataram :) Be Indian ..Sing Vande Mataram

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  4. Well I do not really see any thing that is wrong with this song. It is a gratitude that we are giving to the soil (soil=source, origin same as in mother)from which we were created. If this soil was not there there would not have been Muslims or Hindus. Our imams that raise the Fatwas should know that Islam is a religion on Peace and we believe that all living things have a right to live.
    Can any Imam come out with a Fatwa against the terrorists that blow them selves, killing innocent lives just so that they can go into the arms of 72 virgins? Will the virgins want to be with such persons ? Wake up Islam is a religion of peace and not SEX.
    . I think now the Imams have got too carried away and we need liberals. Islam cannot become a religion of killers. Shame on these people who use religion to make themselves more powerful.

  5. so are you saying that the book anand math preaches hatred against muslims? I will not be surprised, if you say so.. because, the intellectual subversion is so widespread, that no one can

    Its a fact, that india was devastated by muslim invaders, for which the anantha math had been written to free india from..

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