Us and them

A highway interchange in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

ft lauderdale int

Another in Mumbai, Maharashtra

mumbai int


10 Responses

  1. Stop comparing, you are making me feel inferior :)

  2. JV – that is the idea :) Indian city dwellers are like frogs in a well. They just dont know how well the things can and should be.

    The funny thing is that things can be the way they should be if each person did his job and duty.

  3. bad examplar. as they say, be careful what you wish for….

    check out various information systems of cities like seattle: , boston:
    checkout various other small towns.

    much better examples to follow.

  4. Tarle, welcome back! Perhaps you are talking abt the BMP online site. I will move these comments there.

    Meanwhile – a detailed compariosn of an egovernments powered website and a good local government website (chicago?, seattle?) is something I promised to do, and will do. Does your email id work?

  5. nono…
    my point was about road n/w only.

    will write a detailed message later with my active email id later. ( not active)

  6. One major factor is, entry into settlements around the freeways in US is vias designated exits. But in India businesses/houses are constructed directly facing the highway and the entry and exit is directly from the hignway. Also on a US freeway you need to be able to drive atleast at the baseline speed specified to be able to get on the freeway. In India, people cross the highways and people even drive their cattle on the highway.

  7. If something like that comes up in India, everybody will lose their way! :))

  8. Chirstopher, the thing is we dont have separately designated expressways and business roads yet. Recently, our cities have been building a cross between the two, which is the worst thing to do. On one such road in my neighborhood, 1 or 2 pedestrians die every month trying to cross it. The road in question is of really good quality, but has no paved footpath for most of the stretch. And there are shops and businesses at several places where these accidents happen.

    Rajiv – true. My mom, when she visited me once at US, called these interchanges “bhul bhulaiya” !

  9. […] by silkboard on January 7th, 2007 The last ‘Us and them‘ post here had an intersection in Florida put next to one in Mumbai. That is an easy and […]

  10. should you also not compare a railway station too? i will be happy to send you a picture of a railway station in florida -orlando, no less. how about you use bangalore for comparison?

    – s.b.

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