Did they burn him alive?

Read this news on NDTV webite. They talked about it day before yesterday: Man attempts self immolation in Gaya.

While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke of development, a person immolated himself in Bihar’s Gaya district because he has not received his salary for the last one year.

If you watched this news item (the image here is from NDTV website), you must have cursed Bihar government, cracked a few Lalu jokes and switched back to your favorite song-and-dance channel.

Now, read this article from the Indian Express: FIR against unnamed media persons in self immolation case:

Police superintendent A K Jain said here on Tuesday the FIR was lodged at the civil lines police station against a private TV news channel … for aiding and abetting Mishra to take up the extreme step.

Jain said the mediapersons, who were aware of the plan of Mishra, accompanied the youth and brought diesel and match box to execute his plan. The entire scene was shot by the news channel and was later shown on the TV.

Hmmm. The person immolated himself. But media persons brought him the fire gadgets.

TV media will be “innocent until proven guilty”. But, what is your verdict here?. One incident, two different perspectives, which one you take to be right?


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  1. […] When I wrote about the Gaya self immolation incident more than a month ago, I thought I caught a budding ‘controversy’ early enough to earn my blog a lot of traffic. But that wasn’t to be :) and I have tried to figure why. […]

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