Pune vs Bangalore – 3: Moon Landing

When I arrived here earlier this week, I thought I had landed on Moon. Isn’t Pune a city of craters? It is shocking and amazing to see that a city as big and important as Pune does such a shabby job of repairing and maintaining roads. And each year, rains are used as excuse. Give me a break, Pune isn’t the only place in the world where it rains. And there are umpteen ways to make rain-proof roads.

Bangalore roads are crowded, but man, they have never been as bad as they are in Pune, yuck!


God knows who all are making money in this scam. Its like the old scooter mechanic trick – make sure the scooter comes back to the garage in a few months. Lay the roads – they break in 3 months – float tenders for road repairs again – contractor X comes in – Roads are laid again. Come to Pune and see this endless cycle of corruption at work.

Enjoy some more random samples from around this “city of craters”.


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  1. Remember Bill Gates ” The road ahead”. Well this is the road ahead of the watchout kind. Certain things are gonna remain the same. I don’t like being cynical but hard facts are hard facts.

  2. @ speed of thoughts :) no can can think to drive through this road.

    Really, it is unbelievable. And what we hear is that Pune is next to Mumbai :)

  3. I have heard many good comparison between Bangalore and Pune :) I loved both cities.
    But you have shown similarity of infrastructure issue in both cities. Folks, we are at the mercy of government who has no idea what is “Road ahead” :)

  4. I came from US for vacation . It is very pity and sad to see pathetic condition of Indian roads. We can host international car rally circuits to boost tourism. Some of the roads worst for even rally cars. Shame on the people who just live with these bad roads.
    Politicians blame on rains for bad road condition..I’m not sure what the heck they are talking…It rains everywhere…If you take singapore..it rains all 365 days in singapore..still the roads are superb and worldclass engineering.
    I never want to drive in indian roads…..even someone pays me 1 crore. God bless India again!!!!

  5. RP, more than the conditions of the road, what is more pathetic is the fact that many people drive on these roads without any serious complains or problems. They live with all this as if this is life.

    You just deserve what you get.

  6. I’m just lost in thinking about how can I as an NRI can do something for this condition…Do you have any ideas? Do I need to do something like Sharukh Khan of swades? Mobilize people and fill the pot holes??? But I’m sure people will tell me “why worry sir, anyway you live in US” ……

  7. Actually, Bangalore is taking a lead in this area – atleast in intent, if not in execution – they are trying to mix waste plastic into the road-making contents – apparently, this is supposed to ensure against degradation. BMP is supposed to have already done this in a few places already. Don’t know where.

    But, I also read that other countries, especially in Africa, are interested in this mechanism. If the method works out, it will be the clichetic “two birds in one stone” – we can fill our roads as there are tonnes of plastic to go around, and the roads will be better off for them. And, we can also find a way to address disposal of plastic waste, which is a big problem for the environment as a whole. Plastic, as anyone can attest, is not bio-degradable, and hence doesn’t wash away into the ground, like other organic waste.

    Which, if you come to think about it, makes sense, as to why this method of mixing plastic into the roads can work.

  8. Well then you need to come to New york, and please let me tell you dont be suprised.

  9. DreamsDeadNRI – that is a million dollar question. Many of us want to do something. but these folks (including myself) are not ready to give up everything do to “something”. How to make good “collective” use of this energy that exists out there?

    One thing for sure, you cant do anything ‘alone’. A great “we-can-do-this-together” idea is yet to emerge. But it will. I see a lot of energy and ideas around.

    Krishi – I didn’t know about that plastic trick. Good idea if plastic can be used for road-fills instead of land-fills.

    Anotheryouth – Compare Newyork and an Indian city? No freaking way!

  10. well compare the roads.. in some places in manhattan.. i wish i cud have taken some photos for u.. but do check it out when u stop bye this side

  11. May be a few roads in Manhattan. But I am talking about a City where you will be hardpressed to find 50 meteres of good tarred stretch anywhere! JM Road, FC college road and all – its like I am talking about roads in downtown type area.

  12. Shadow has a pic to confirm Krishi’s plastic waste theory.

  13. i had read news reports about these. great to see them in implementation.
    btw TN too has some state highways on this tech.

  14. Agreeing that B’lore is an IT hub,e-city and even a developed city,but don’t forget that Pune has a city bigger than B’lore.It is a bustling n rocking city,it is said as:

    *Sport’s city(last CYG event)
    *City of malls n multiplexes(greatest number of malls in Country)
    *Automobile hub
    *Upcoming IT hub.
    *Real estate
    *Totally a dev. upcoming 7th metro of the country

    In all these factors Pune leads B’lore,proofs r available on net.

    • u r damn correct my friend…..And now Pune has grabbed its 1st place for IT hub of India…..N now roads here r reallly good…i think goood than any other cities…

  15. No Doubt that Pune is one of gr8 city in the world.Bangalore is far behind than Pune.Everybody says Blore is cool,,come to pune ..if you see the surrounding hills that makes Pune more cooler than Blore..
    The photo which is there on top seems like at some Odd location.Well I have worst photos of blore than that then.Come to JP nagar 1st phase,Road construction is going from last 1 yr.still it says 4-5 yrs to complete.
    2nd thing..90% public of blore dont know Hindi which is our national language…I dont know why they r living in India.Each Train to Blore is late,you see its always late at close to blore but not before that.Come to Pune/Maharashtra,What a best Rail network and system it is.
    Yes,Pune leads Blore in all cases.

    • Mr. Shrinivas,
      Pune sucks Bangalore rocks. Bangy a IT city, BT city, Sylicon valley of india. Whats there in pune? See the IT exports.Population and areawise its half of Blore.

      • mr ajay do u know pimpri chinchwad is also a part of puneand if add up the both cities population then it is greater then banglore

  16. I am a Bengoo(bangalore bou out and out). I had heard a lot about Pune growing up and constant its comparison to Namma Bengalooru. Well, in 1986 I got my opportunity to work in Pune, and boy were my expectations dashed??? U bet. Pune never was, never will be anything comparable to Bangalore, period.

    Having said that, pune atleast then had a few positive points,

    There was some night life(bombay influence). Booz was more expensive than Bangalore. Punaites were lot more pretentious than us poor Bengoos.

    Suresh Kalmaadi owned half the city then, i don’t know who own it now.

    And Pune had bad roads even then!

  17. I am maharashtrian and just shifted to pune from Bangalore. I would like to mention some major difference between these two cities. Initially i was very happy when i reached here by seeing my own people and own state. But this happiness doesn’t last for long time.

    1) Airport is not like a airport it seems its bus stop.
    2) Lot of non hygienic food/juice/tea stalls and too much costly.
    3) Rent is quite high than Bangalore.
    4) Climate is hot than Bangalore.
    5) Lot of illegal land capturing
    6) Worst Traffic
    7) Transportation problem. No AC buses and even regular buses are very less.
    8) No Private CAB like Meru/City Taxi.
    9) Auto wala always asks for overcharge.
    10) Fruits and Vegetables much more costly even though it grows on punekars own land.
    11) Less Tress.
    12) Roads condition is little bit good but still need to improve in some places.

    Current Rates in pune
    PN- Grapes – 60 KG – BNG – 40 KG
    PN- sweet Lemon – 60 Kg – BNG-20 KG
    PN-Fruit juice – 30Rs – BNG-12Rs.
    (Although i think these above fruits is grown in maharashtra much more than Bangalore)

    if somebody like me who is a home seek and deciding to shift to Pune from Bangalore think before shift. But still its my place and i will live here forever. I and all our punekar will try to make this city as good as our people over here.

  18. Hi buddies,bangalore is platinum pune is still gold

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