Sonu Nigam’s best?

You may not know this song that I play a lot. Let me give you some clues.

  • Anu Malik has a brother going by a funny sounding first name Daboo.
  • I am a Sonu Nigam fan. But this song may not figure in most fan’s playlists.
  • Daboo Malik made music for this film called “Ye Zindagi Ka Safar”.

Have you listened to “Ahista Ahista” from the above mentioned movie? A not so well marketed, but wonderful, slow and well sung song! Try it for it is the unexpected one on my “Sonu Nigam’s top 5” playlist.

  1. Tanhayee (Dil Chahta Hai). SEL’s best one so far, and Sonu’s as well.
  2. Panchhee Nadiya (Refugee) – Wish this one didn’t have Alka Yagnik’s super thin voice. But Sonu more than covers up for her.
  3. Ahista Ahista
  4. Samne Aatee Ho Tum (Dus) – Vishal-Shekhar’s techno beat is fun, and Sonu is “sone pe suhaga“. Lucky singers, they collect more of the money and fame while composers do most of the job!
  5. Kal ho na ho: SEL again. Sorry Satrangi Re and A R Rahman, you narrowly missed the cut. But slow and simpler melodies are where Sonu Nigam gets to show his wares the best.

The rate at which Mr Nigam is getting business these days, I am hopeful this ‘top 5’ list will change pretty soon.


7 Responses

  1. i am a big fan of sonu nigam and like to say that sonu nigam is now the biggest singer in india there is no body in india who is gets the over come upon sonu nigam the flow of the voice high pitch and without disturning the voice is the tuffest thing in the world i think in my point of veiw singing with nose is very easy this king of singing so many people can do averagely 99.9
    persons can be a singer if they sing with their nose but voice with throat and without disturbing is tuffest job in the world
    sonu nigam can do it only…..i have given an attention on the song mere dil main phool khil rahe hai chand tare dil main khil rahe hai ……good morning India song from the movie khushi aahhaa sonu nigam has sang it very well big high-pitch …….like mohamad rafi ……king of hi – pitch voice …
    sonu nigam is the best ……

  2. Absolutely. Sonu’s is the best singer today. Shankar Mahadevan could come close, but he seems to prefer loud, energetic type of songs. SEL picked Sonu to sing ‘Tanhayee’ in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’, that says something.

  3. I am a verrryyyy big fan of sonu nigam. I’m actually in love with him. He has many wicked songs but ithink my veryyyy favourites are Vaada raha from Baabul (2006)and Tu jahan from salaam namaste and im in love from neal ‘n’ nikki. Sonu nigam is like the contemporary mohd rafi, only better…

  4. When it comes to Sonu, it is really difficult to pick just one best song. I mean not since Kishore Da have we seen such a versatile singer in our midst. From singing Rafi Saahab’s songs with perfection to singing semi-classical songs with ease, Sonu is marvelous. I heard his latest album – Classically Mild – and the way he has sung Soona Soona is absolutely amazing.

  5. Sonu Nigam is indeed is remarkable singers in the era. Needless to say that he is the best……..
    His composure, soothness in voice, singing style and unique soft tone makes him the best!!!

    Right from my schooling while i was in class 10-11th i’ve been die-hard fan of him. Even though its close to 10 years but my craze for him has never gone down even a slight bit…..its increasing day by day….i wish to meet him one day personally!!!

    telling best of sonu is lil difficult coz every song of his is masterpiece…but still some of my favourites are….

    ‘Bawari piya ki’ (Movie Babul)
    ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ (Movie Kal Ho Na Ho)
    ‘Mujhe Raat Din Bas’ (Movie Sangarsh)
    ‘Panchi nadiya pawan ke jhoke’ (Movie Refugee)

    ‘Classicaly Mild’ is indeed ‘amrut’ obtained from Indian classical music ‘sea’ coming straight from Sonus’s vocal cord. its indeed a master piece!

    As today is 30 July 2008 n i will not miss this opportunity of wishing his the best in health, career and life!

    Happy Birthday Sonu!!!

    Love & Best wishes,

    Aparna Upadhyay

  6. hE simply rockzz guyz….hez d only singer who cn sing ny song of ny type….
    itz jst nt fair to cmpare him wi’ rafi saab’ …to me hez evn gr8tr in comparison to rafi saab…sonu niigaam ki bas itni glati hai ki wo rafi k baad blwood indstry ko mila…nahi aaj d story wud ve’ bn d othr way round

    hez d most enrgetic performer i hath evr seen…he sang ‘desert rose’ live on stage bttr den d orignal sting performed live in stage…

    smply smple…smply stylish…smply smashing…simply d bst

    he sings ‘nikal le bhaiye’ frm ROAD on d othr d sings kal ho na ho…
    datzz wat is cald versatality….luv ya sonu

  7. I am die hard fan of Sonuji. Singing is my passion too. I got a chance to meet Sonu Ji. It was a mind blowing experience. Dream came true.
    Sonu Ji is the best singer in the industry. His emotions towards the lyrics and understanding the words, makes him what He is today.
    All the songs sung by him are really worth hearing.
    A cool person, very down to earth.
    May God gives him good health, so that He may entertain us with the same grace.
    God Bless Sonu Bhaiya..

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