Right to lie?

Did he have the right to lie? Was he right to lie? I am talking about Sharad Pawar who has admitted to misleading people to keep peace in the city:

“I went on TV and deliberately misled people. Instead of 11 explosions I told 12 and one of those areas was Masjid Bunder, dominated by minorities,” Pawar said.

Not just this, he had also hinted at LTTE then, in his attempts to “balance” things out:

He had said then that from some of the material used in the blasts, it appeared that terrorist groups south of India were behind them—hinting at the LTTE.

What gave him the power to mislead people? That chief ministerial chair?

He might have done this with all the good intentions. But for each “confession” like this, wonder how many invocations of “right to lie” would have been swept under the carpet. Wonder how many lies Narendra Modi resorted to for fulfilling his agenda in Gujarat.

Update: In this same interview, Pawar said this about July 11 Mumbai bombings:

The bombs had been planted in first-class compartments of the Western Railway suburban line to target those from the higher salaried sections, as very few Muslims would be in those compartments.

I always thought the reason would be simpler than this. It is relatively easier to get into a first class compartment with a baggage.


One Response

  1. Politicians always lie to get around and get away. Usually these lies are purely for personal benefit, but here is a lie that can masquerade as a weak attempt by a politician to be “smart”.

    Lets pardon his ignorance and let him continue his indulgence in providence… I mean governance. :-)

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