A blogger’s dilemma

It is perhaps a classic blogger’s dilemma. Do you pick one ‘narrow-ish’ subject and blog endlessly about it, or write about a variety of things to draw more traffic from search engines?

To resolve that dilemma, a blogger must first answer this question – “why do I blog?”. Regardless of what most bloggers tell you, the main reason we all blog is this. We write to be read around by many, and are aiming to form our spheres of influence or popularity. That is as black and white as it can be. Save for a few exceptions, answers like “random musings”, “just feel like expressing myself”, “artistic expressions” and all are diplomatic cr**. “Aiming to make friends and meet new people” is another possible answer that I can take for real, and this too is somewhat similar to forming a circle of influence or popularity.

Hindi film music and Technology are my pet subjects , and I can bore people for hours on these. Now that I find the fire for developmental and infrastructure issues toning down a bit – I am going to start those two new categories here.

Not that I will stop writing about Bangalore and ‘New’ India. But I figure it is more important to write something every day, and it is hard to find a new Bangalore growth/governance topic each night.

That Bangalore PIL thing – it is very much alive. We are working on the details, one thing I have figured out is – it will require a lot of “personal” time and effort. Key is to find few more like-minded people who will help and have the exact same passion. I am trying to find them and if you are one such “want to do something about Bangalore” person, let us shake hands as soon as possible.

When I say “want to do something”, it is more than those ‘dollar donations to CRY’, peaceful-marches, candle-light vigils and group discussions. I mean some ‘real’ action that has a better chance at changing larger things. If you think I have lost my way and you have a suggestion to tap this energy I have, shoot.


One Response

  1. Congratulations on your enthusiasm and your unbounding energy. Wish there were more people like you around. By the way what does PIL mean. Have you checked out my site recently – still “miles” to go – look forward to your input.

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