The mysterious bullet train

If you read the Bangalore-Mysore bullet train story on Times of India website, and were puzzled by it, you were not alone! The print version – front page of TOI Bangalore – did say that this article was a work of fiction. TOI was trying to predict the stories they would be printing in year 2025. Okay, give them some points for creativity and thinking different. But how about those readers on the internet?

The bullet train story as published on the website does not mention the context at all. True, stuff like:

Introduced last August at a speed of 300 kph, it enabled you to reach the City of Palaces from the state capital in 28 minutes.

does sound like a stunt to anyone who read it sober. Regardless, that is downright irresponsible web-journalism. Some poor guys – most likely NRIs from Karnataka – must have been fooled into buying that for a few minutes. TOI, you owe your internet readers an apology there. Promise them free subscriptions for entire year 2025 :)


One Response

  1. ah…atleast they agree to sm of thr stuff as fiction…
    anyhow they are more of an entertainment mag than a newspaper…

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