Food-o-holics of Bangalore

Bangaloreans are big time foodoholics. Almost same time of day on two different Sunday mornings, see the crowds at a Darshini (Adiga’s, Jayanagar) and the food court inside Garuda Mall.

Seriously, like everything else, Bangalore is short on restaurants too.


2 Responses

  1. It is sad that these days no one has time to sit and eat..all people stand and eat food…There was good old days where family used to sit together and eat..But these days..all fastfood/darshini/gadibidi etc etc..I was just thinking..after all we rush for everything in life… ultimately all we do is for food..and while doing all rush we forget to enjoy the food for which we are rushing in life! Bottom line is govt must make sure everyone will sit and eat at darshinis as per Hindu culture at bangalore..else government must put fine against those who stand and eat.

  2. RP, you amuse me a bit here, why bring government into the picture here for the sake of Hindu culture and all!?

    Better will be to close these places in the name of safety. Every hall has a capacity – a fixed number of people as per fire safety norms. I bet none of the popular Darshinis stick to that.

    Then, they must serve all their customers inside there ‘business premises’. But most of Darshinis expand their wings on to the sidewalks, with public roads generously getting used for parking.

    As of now, no-one cares. And moreover, crowded Darshini’s are seen as being good. So many ppl, must be a great place!

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