Finally, a practical electric car!

First time I heard that term electric sports car, I had a laugh. Sports car without any vroom and smoke, no way. But I hope you are following the hype around this electric car company called Tesla Motors.

Look at the promised capabilities of the car (contrast them with our yet-to-be-popular Reva)

  • Charge time: A few hours. Tesla says they will sell a high power charger along with the car to cut down on this. (Reva: 9 hours)
  • Range: 250 miles = 400 kilometers (Reva: 80 km)
  • Top speed: 90 miles per hour (Reva: 65 kmph ~ 40 mph)
  • Estimated Mileage: 135 mpg ~ 62 kmpl. (Reva: unknown)
  • Running cost: 1 cent a mile (Reva: 40 paise per km ~ 1.6 cent per mile)
  • Accelaration: 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds! (Reva: forget it)

Did I hear a wow !? I am surprised that Tesla is planning to make only a sports model. Beats me why. A regular looking car with all the specs listed above minus the acceleration – won’t that sell okay considering how well Toyota Prius has done? May the cost of researching and producing the battery pack is so high that only a $90000 sports car can bring them some profits.

Why is such research not happening in India? We need to cut our reliance (pun inteded) on oil. And we need to do it fast, before our network of expressways and Rs 1-lakh TATA cars come along. There needs to be an “energy research” cess on sale of petrol and diesel, and the resultant fund should try do what Tesla claims to have done.

We can’t afford to wait till 2020.

2 Responses

  1. […] Finally. I am so glad to see that someone agrees with me on the subject! I dont know if author of this rediff post read a note I posted here 4 months ago (Tata, please say not to Petrol). I dont care either, for now I know there is a good chance that people will start looking at TATA’s project from energy perspective. […]

  2. I like the Tesla, but it doesn’t do the normal consumer any good. Why make a $100,000 dollar sports car when you could take all that ‘power’ and make a practical truck. Make an ALL electric truck that can pull my camping trailer at 70mph 300 miles that costs $30k and I would break my back to buy one.

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