Best city for business?

Latest issue of Business Today carries its annual survey based list of “top 10 cities for business”. They ranked Bangalore #2 this year, right behind Mumbai!

This was not news to me though. What I found surprising was the fact that most groups ranked Bangalore the best on “Traffic/Commuting”. How come? May be I read it wrong, and “1” meant worst. I double checked and noticed Mumbai and Kolkata always brought up the rear, and they are definitely not better. So I am puzzled. Case of unscientific comparisons by Business-Today, or all other cities are even worse?

Anyway. Another category where Bangalore was ranked #1 by most was “Law and Order”. I bet Bangalore would have scored over Mumbai and #1 if they had another category for “weather” in there!

So, as I said, don’t mistake things when you hear Bangaloreans bad-mouthing Bangalore. Its all for good. And how dare anyone bad-mouth Kolkata with a title like “Kolkata gets Bangalored“!?


3 Responses

  1. Well from whatever little I know, Bangalore has the best and most professional stock traders. I was in a stock forum for 2 years and the best guys were from there.

  2. Bangalore and stock traders, hmm. Didn’t know that.

    I forgot to talk about the ‘surprise’ cities in this top 10 list BT published. Mysore and Visakhapatnam made it at #7 and #10 respectively.

  3. One thing that Bangalore has lacked in more recent times is leaders or forums that have articulated its plus points.
    First, there were several stories in the media about problems related to Bangalore and the general pathy of the govenment in resolving issues. Then a lot of industry leaders made noises and gestures indicating that they were moving out. In recent times politicians from other states tried to show Bangalore in a negative light so that their own cities came out shining.
    It is time Bangalore speaks out and gives back some of the flak it has received by using these and other favorable reports.

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