Want your votes, err … children


Landed at Pune airport. As you know, a lot of construction is on there. Anyway. So I come out of the airport and a huge billboard greets me. Sharad Pawar, D Y Patil and all. I am like okay, looks like elections are around, the guys must be asking for votes.

But no. Closer scrutiny of the huge hoardings (there were two of them) revealed that this time around they seem to be asking for our children instead :).


Union agriculture minister, President of BCCI, international school and god knows what else. I wondered if his parliamentarian status helps him make a profitable business of cricket and education. I also wondered why is it that businesses started by politicians never fail. And then I told myself that the “office of profit” bill is a law without any real spirit. Isn’t it?


6 Responses

  1. Wow..looks like joining indian politics is better than programming! One can make quick money in dirty indian politics and build hospitals and education institutions and take donations. God bless India! May be we need british rule again in India to make things straight (no corruption etc..) . Sorry to say…British rule was better.

  2. I have no first hand experience, but from what I hear, the British rule wasn’t better. May be a I need to post a positive sounding post to educate despondent NRI techies :).

    Come back you guys. Our country is set for a real good run right now.

  3. Probably by reading/seeing only problem related topics in this blog I got depressed.
    I’m very optimistic. But it is good that things are getting better in India these days.
    I can’t imagine the rapid revolution occured in some of the sectors like telecommunications and airlines. In my Indian days I used to do truck call and wait for the call. But these days broadband and internet phone are way of life of middle class indians. Yesterday read GM is investing in India again with plant coming in Maharastra. I don’t have doubt India becoming superpower in couple of years.

  4. What better business to be in than politics?

  5. Guys! you getting it all wrong i stay in pune and do know whats happening in my city, this is an international school set up by the D.Y.Patil group and they have just named the school after sharad pawar, as for what the news is in town Sharad pawar is not financially associated with this project, its totally a d.y.patil group venture.

  6. Is it DK? How about you try launch a product, and use Pawar’s name on it. See if he lets you use his name for free!

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