Why dont we take the buses?

Some pictures of morning traffic towards Whitefield on Airport Road past HAL. Two pushpak buses moved around almost empty. While people were stuck in a jam with their bikes and cars. Why is it that we cant take buses to work? Pushapks are clean and decently maintained.

The Volvo buses seem to be doing well though. May be its the air-conditioning? Or is it the perception – expensive, so it must be good – along with good marketing?

Marathahalli jam1pushpak2pushpak1


10 Responses

  1. Independence from scheduled times. Flexibility. People want to go somewhere the bus might not go – it might go closer, but people might not want to walk that distance.

  2. Usually, each route has a bus every 20-30 minutes. So schedule is not a problem. I bet most people haven’t even explored the possibility of commuting via bus.

    If BMTC could pump some money in marketing its services, that could help. And BMTC wil be able to do more people friendly routes only after we tell them what routes we want.

  3. I do take the bus.

  4. Arun, I hope we all take some interst in the buses. Take them, or get BMTC to add new routes so that we can take them. Public transport is the best way to deal with our commuting troubles.

    Want wi-fi in our buses, anyone listening? Intel, why dont you fund this and test WiMax.

    One problem that many people face is that they do not know the optimal route between different places by bus-especially if the route has requires changes. The BMTC website does have a facility by which you can enter your star and end point and it will give you an route, but not an optimal one.
    Is it possible to have a call center which anyone standing on the road can call and ask for directions? For example, I am standing at Koramangala first block and want to know which is the best route to go to Ulsoor Market-I just dial this number and a (hopefully co-operative) operator will tell me where to go, which bus to catch etc.
    This number can be a premium rate number to provide funds for the operation of the call center. Paying ten rupees is not a problem compared to travelling by auto.In fact, this can be run by a private agency if the govt. does not want to run it. Even if this agency needs to be subsidised, if it reduces congestion, it is much cheaper than a lot of flyovers.
    Another problem people face is that there is not direct bus from their home to their office. It is best if all cos. in a single tech park join together to provide a common shuttle. The advantage of a common shuttle is that as ridership will be more, it is possible to cover more areas. To my knowledge, Bagamane Tech Park in CV Raman Nagar is trying to provide this service.Of course, ITPL already provides this service. This will also encourage public transport. The image problem is also sloved by this as people are seen to be travelling in an office bus instead of a BMTC bus.

  6. George, tune the shuttle idea a bit to look like this. Let BMTC provide services till a common point near job centers. For ITPL area as example, build a nice stand near Kundalahalli. Then, ITPL, Sigmatech park, SAP office, Salarpuria park etc etc can pool together and run frequent shuttles that circle between this depot and each of the office buildings. That way, it wont be just ITPL, entire area will get good commute coverage.

    That route idea is good. Mobile operators can do that as an SMS service. People may use that if info returned also includes a good estimate on when the next bus will arrive.

  7. Bus takes round about ways to reach the point while our own vehicles take the road stright to the desitnations.
    Small eg., to reach Silkboard from Indiranagar, if I take 201.. It goes to CMH Road,Ulsoor,Mayo hall, Wilson garden, Nimhans etc., & it takes like 1.5 hours. I really find it difficult to hang on to the bus with nonsense gullible guys who lack manners to stand next to ladies.
    After this I need to take another bus to reach E-City which is like 1hour. From maingate to company, an auto.10-15 minutes!

    If I spend 2.5 hours to reach office, my 5 hours is gone from the day.

    My car can directly take me through the koramangala ring road, reach silkboard & stright to EC. Auto guy once had chrged me like 150 Rs. I was thinking what if I start living near my office, this is the best solution. Just that I need to convince my folks at home, which is really hard :-)

    Great thought! SB.. Wish that people with direct buses follows the way you said. Nice idea. BTW, now a days Hosur Road seems to be very good, just 30 minutes to cross 9kms of hrs road.

  8. One more thing, I liked the idea of our BMTC for hospital goers. There is one common bus which just goes to all the hospitals in Bangalore south area.
    Like Nimhans, Narayana Hrudayala, Jayadeva, Wockhard etc., This is a fantastic service provided by BMTC.

  9. […] transportation in Bangalore has many options compared to a few years back. You got buses (volvos, pushpaks, red boards, white boards, private) , the notorious autorickshaws (I ll give you a funny analogy of […]

  10. […] transportation in Bangalore has many options compared to a few years back. You got buses (volvos, pushpaks, red boards, white boards, private) , the notorious autorickshaws (I ll give you a funny analogy of […]

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