Tips for successful autobiography business

Some people save money for retirement. These days, some folks save secrets instead. If you are a someone in life, I will advise you keep saving some secrets about other people or important events for later. Don’t dump those in a blog like us, write them safe in a diary.

For you can make some good money via a “sensational” autobiography instead.

If you are a defence minister, do the work to identify moles in your ministry. Put all the names in a sealed envelope. And then write “cyanide” on it so that no-one will ever touch it. Later, each name will be worth a million rupees in your autobiography.

If you happen to coach a national cricket team, make it a point to appear very friendly with the captain and selectors. Don’t be dumb, never email your differences to anyone. For emails can be leaked, and that could cost you a few chapters in your future … autobiography.

If you are a Prime Minister, the tip is to keep a lid over your interactions with the President. However Gyani the president may be, he will depart for the heavens one day. And then you can sneak in spiced up stories in your … yes, autobiography. Another tip for the Prime Ministers. Start thinking of a pet name you love. Using “I” everywhere wont help fill a book. But referring to yourself as say, “Anand” guarantees addition of some extra pages to your auto… biography.

If you are an active cricketer nearing end of career, save on that press conference to announce your retirement. You got to reveal it all before your colleagues and coaches do, what if they tell it all before you do? So, kill two birds with one stone, announce your retirement in style via an … autobiography!

Any more tips anyone?


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