Parivartan says the right thing

These guys (Parivartan) have been awarded the 2006 Magsaysay Award. Should be a good news and publicity for RTI and citizen driven apolitical movements. I fully agree with what Parivartan says on its website:

The real change would come when the people start demanding accountability and the government is forced to respond. Then it would not be easy for the governments to go astray.

It is ultimately our city, our state and our country. We can’t just not participate in how our cities and state get managed. We got to push, demand, participate, whatever. But we can’t leave it in the hands of a few folks we ourselves call corrupt and selfish. Doing that is almost criminal!

Anyone else wanting to join forces to do this and a few more PILs focused on how Bangalore is getting run today?


3 Responses

  1. I hope such initiatives are taken for all Indian cities. Politicians have no real accountability.

  2. Before someone talks about our city..our country etc..let me ask simple question.
    How many educated people vote in general elections? It is sad that if you see the statistics only few percentage of educated people vote in elections.
    Bottom line is make voting compulsory..else government must fine! Before talking or blaming politicians I’ll blame people who don’t caste their vote in elections.

  3. Definitely agree that people should vote. But number of those who don’t care about and participate in governance is much higher than the number that does not vote.

    Similar reasons for why many folks don’t vote and also don’t bother about how they are governed. Lack of community feeling, selfishness, and lack of provisions and avenues to make them feel a part of democracy. This third reason hold lot less water now with RTI and provision for PILs .

    The other two “virtues” though are often misrepresented as niceties like “tolerance”, “non-materialistic” etc etc.

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