How beggars lose limbs

I was stunned to see this report on CNN-IBN yesterday. I only hope it is not true. If it is, then I will like to see what punishment awaits this (or these) doctors.

See the video yourself: “Why and how beggars lose limbs“.

The brutal ways of the beggar mafia know no boundary. In order to sustain their business, they don’t hesitate to use willing doctors to first invalidate totally healthy limbs and then hack them off before pushing the victims back on the streets to live off their earnings.

Cant find words beyond shocking, inhuman.


One Response

  1. It is really a great pity. The deeper malaise is that people have lost respect for their professions and everything is becoming a business- Make your passion your profession. Only if people are proud of their professions and do not take them for granted, will they desist from all this.

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