Neal n Nikki at 8 pm

Turned on TV just before dinner, and noticed Sony was screening “Neal n Nikki”. What a shocker! This movie was better off getting titled Neal n bra, or just Nik-toria’s secret.

What is Sony thinking putting on a movie like this on at 8 pm! Is 8 late in the night? Or is “Neal n Niki ” a family fare?

Someone needs to monitor and censor these TV channels. A few ads they telecast already cross the line. And Sony might just be testing waters by running Niktoria’s secret in primetime. Good TRP ratings here may mean more of the same.


3 Responses

  1. Globalization sir!

  2. An Indian movie shot in Canada, made primarily for Indians residing in America, and to advertise Canadian tourism and American undergarments to Indian consumers. Yes, it is globalization. Of neither here nor there sort!

  3. Who can stop independent TV channels? They will do anything to get their TRPs. That is what makes the home fires burn.

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