How to get to Bangalore International Airport – II

Time for an update after the first post on the subject. It is still not clear as to how long it will take me to get to this International Airport when it gets ready.

There has always been this plan for a rail link between city and the airport. Last month, BIAL CEO Mr Brunner presented this plan that passengers will be able to check-in at a railway station in the city itself and then just take a train to the airport with a boarding pass in hand.

And for the first time, this weekend, we got some concrete news on plans for this rail link. No dates and time-lines though. And as far as I know, nothing has been reported yet on route and location of the stations on this line either.

I am willing to bet that this rail link wont be ready before the new airport opens.


5 Responses

  1. Planners/Officials need to have “WILL POWER”. If they don’t have will power to finish on target dates, then this project is never going to complete on time. Proposal of connecting to new airport from city station is very good. Government must act immediately on this project without any further delay.

  2. Maybe by air-taxi or helicopter service…

  3. […] Time for an update on this pet topic of mine – how will we get to the new airport which is more than 30 km away from the city? […]

  4. Scarlet, funny how you predicted this. Now, there is talk of helicopter service from HAL airport to the new airport.

    KannadigaAmericadalli – The airport work is on schedule. Other things may not be running on schedule.

  5. the best way to get to the new airport is through hoskote . from there there are 2 roads to devanahlli, these roads are nicely done. the better way is thorugh budigere and u can get there in 20 minutes or u can take nh 207 which is also decent and takes around 30 minutes. so from itpl if the bridge at sai baba ashram is done it will take 40 minutes to the new airport.

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