Good to see BMRDA think long term

It was great to read this news about BMRDA proposing five townships on the fringes of Bangalore:

On the cards is the development of five townships at a distance of 35 to 75 km from Bangalore City. Bidadi and Ramanagaram, Solur, Sathanur and Nandagudi will be covered under the plan.

Wonderful! This certainly is a thought in the right direction. A word of caution though. This should be more than just setting up 2 nice peripheral roads connecting these towns. And thought BMRDA is clear it does not want to develop satellite towns, i.e:

A satellite town per se depends on its mother city for sustenance, while a township is a self-sustaining unit, it is explained.

If they can’t convince a critical mass of job providers (IT, BPO uints?) to shift base to these towns, these towns may end up becoming just that. If BMRDA is serious about de-congesting Bangalore, it better plan on shifting some employers to these fringe towns. State government itself is a big employer, and could take the lead by shifting its offices to say Ramanagaram. Unfortunately, the news item quotes SUDHIR KRISHNA, Metropolitan Commissioner, BMRDA as saying:

There will be no relocation of the existing population in these towns. Their economic integration by means of skills training and self-employment generation is part of the project.

Easy to say these things. But government’s record on providing capabilities for self-employment generation are well known. And last, let us hope this plan does not become another BMIC like thing. Grand plan on paper, that takes 20 years to turn into reality.

All in all, this sounds like a good thought. Whether this is a good plan or not, let us judge after we get to know the details.

2 Responses

  1. They missed the key part in their plan –

    They should have a vidhana soudha in each of these 5 satellites. Sessions and all assembly operations should be by video conference. The present Vidhana Soudha should be made a national monument or declared a museum for the tourists.

    Basically make the ministers commute to the satellites everyday, this will solve infra problems. It also provides 5 way redundancy to Govt operations. Then job providers will naturally follow.

  2. […] Did you notice the ‘right’ language used in there? The intent is so very encouraging! That is exactly what we need – high quality satellite townships that wean investments and people away from Bangalore. […]

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