Publicity stunt by BDA?

BDA said today that it will get IIM-A to review the Comprehensive Development Plan it has prepared for Bangalore:

IIM-A to appraise plan.

Why IIM-A? Popular perception is that this institute isn’t exactly known for research or teaching on urban planning. Searching a bit on the painfully slow IIM-A website, I found that they have a focus group on “Infrastructure” under an initiative called “3-i Network“. Going by the short descriptions they have in here

  • List of projects mentioned does not have any credible item on Urban Planning.
  • This initiative has a few courses on Infrastructure, but those seem to focus on financing and logistics side and not planning.

In fact, google search for phrases like “Urban planning”, “Urban development” tells me that it is usually not the subject of expertise for Business Schools.

So why IIM-A then? A publicity stunt by the BDA to divert the focus away from its main problem – execution? Or are they engaging IIM-A to figure execution plans. I hope its the latter.


4 Responses

  1. Do we need fat cats like the BDA. Can this function be handed over to market forces or private infra developers.

  2. market forces need a regulatory body to keep them in line. so ultimately, authorities like BDA are really indispensible. The real question is how to make such authorities work.

  3. yep. BDA like bodies r required. but, v, the ppl, have 2 make these bodies do their kaam! how else do u expect these bodies 2 do a good job? its our job to motivate (read push) them.

  4. I am thinking presently BDA or such bodies have the sole monopoly – so why should they work. Let us have multiple development authorities that can compete with each other and provide the best for citizens.

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