State to fund Kumaraswamy’s defamation suit

We are told that the state of Karnataka will file defamation suit against BJP man Mr Janardhana Reddy.

I thought Mr Reddy named an individual named Mr Kumaraswamy when he made his Rs 150 crore bribery allegation. He didn’t allege that the State took bribes. He said an individual named H D Kumaraswamy took the money.

So why does the State have to bear the cost of this defamation suit? If Kumaraswamy is so hurt by this attack on his name and reputation, why isn’t he filing this suit himself. Why waste State’s money and time on it?

State’s time and resources are better spent in cleaning up the mining mess there. In persuading the industrial houses to export steel and not raw iron ore from Bellary. In preventing child abuse there. In preventing forest covers from turning into mines. In preventing Hampi caves from getting blasted from mining dynamites one day. Not in chasing down an individual who is just washing his dirty linen in public.


One Response

  1. And some cousin of Gowda’s will be appointed lawyer for this case. So, the state will indirectly pay Gowda family for fighting a defamation suit for a Gowda son!

    Wow, one wonderfully closed loop this will be!

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