Time to buy Bajaj shares

The auto-rickshaws have landed in the west. I hope you heard the news about tuk tuks starting their run in Britain. The guy who is importing them seems confident he will end up importing a lot many more.

Well, good luck to him and Britain. Its only a matter of time before Indian drivers get their hands on these three wheelers there. And we will see what happens then! I bet the added seat belts will come handy.

If the initial reactions are any indication:

The auto’s success may be measured by the lyrical words of Brighton residents like Maria. She said her first auto ride was “joyous and so much cheaper than a taxi I plan to do it again and again”.

then I am picking up some Bajaj shares tomorrow!

BTW, Indian Express Pune got this reaction from Bajaj

‘‘Of course we are happy to learn that our autorickshaws will be plying in the West, but I just hope they serve the purpose of the country in which they are being put on road. Basically these are vehicles for developing nations. Nevertheless, we hope they do well since our name is attached to them and is thus at stake.’’


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