Business Baazigar is not a reality show

A personal note, an odd thought.

I hear these claims that Zee’s reality show “business baazigar” is a hit. Might be true. It may have helped raise Zee’s viewership, but I personally don’t like the show – nothing to do with quality of the show itself.

While they must have been inspired from success of “The Apprentice” in US, the program does “Indian-ize” that concept very well. The reason I don’t watch the show is – it markets itself as a “reality” show.

Tell me one thing. In our country, how easy is it today for a “nobody” to actually start a business based on any idea? Save for IT industry, I tell you its damn hard. IT industry is an exception because it was born much after our stifling regulations and bureaucracy took roots. Starting a business is just not a “real” thing yet. We are still in the mode of “seeking” employment. Generating employment is not even on the minds of many.

“Business baazigar” may claim to be a “reality” show, but it makes money by selling dreams. To me, its a dark take on this grim reality in our country that entrepreneurship isn’t thriving yet. Even though, talks of booming economy and all that want to make you believe that.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t agree that IT industry is the only industry where anybody can set up a business. I can give you quite a few examples of other industries. I just finished constructing a house and I can tell you almost everything related to construction is done by small businesses run by individuals. Right from architect, builder, electrical contractor, plumber, painter, windows, carpenter, tile laying, steel work, each of those is a separate business run by normal middle-class individuals. And considering how little they cared for my project, I can only assume they are all running thriving businesses in Bangalore. That is a dozen businesses right there. Or take the retail industry. Only recently some big players are entering this segment, but even now it is easier to set up a grocery shop in India than in say, US. Or take the transportation and catering industry. Almost every company in the IT industry has its own transportation and catering requirements and most of these are run by small businesses. Travel and tourism is another industry that is booming and has lots of potential for small businesses.

  2. Hmmm. You can. But its not easy. And its practical and doable only in big cities. What I mean is, it has not hit a point where masses can look at setting up a small business as an option for employment. How else would you then explain the massive migrations to urban areas we see even today?

    Easier to setup a grocery store in India than in US? From a few second hand experiences here in India, I say no. Ever been to a bank here to get a loan for a new business?

  3. I beg to differ. One needs to differ and have a value proposition. Core of setting up a business is you need to stand apart from the crowd. Bank will give money provided you can show that you will be able to give them back the money. I know scores of people tried to hoodwink banks in name of setting up business. Obviously, banks have become wise. Leave the question of banks, question is, will you trust someone with your money with ideas similar to yours. You are a better judge, if you can’t say yes with 100% conviction, do not blame banks.

    It is a hard world. People are very hardworking and want to come to the forefront. Nehru did not had much vision, Indira Gandhi followed suite. I remember we used to wait for 5-8 years after booking cars to arrive. Restrictions stiffled our economy. It is only after Manmohan Singh showed courage to do something different that economy is booming.

    Now with no restrictions, be original, be innovative, be shrewd and dream high. Invest, generate income and other good things like generating employment etc will follow suite.

    Good luck.

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