Yes, it is running late

Funny. I wrote just last night that this road bridge does not look like getting done by 30-7-2006 (July 30th) as claimed by an outrageously informative board onsite. And today’s Times of India has a news article that says September end has been agreed upon as the new deadline. So the project is officially 2 months late now.

But I am not particularly enjoying beating TOI to the news, because there is more to bite here. They are saying only half the work will be done by September end, meaning, a “new” 3 lane bridge will be ready by then. Then, they will demolish the existing bridge, and build another 3 lane one in its place. This is how they always intended to complete the six lane bridge.

However, look at the irresponsibly posted information at the site. It says “six laning Marathahalli railway bridge” to be done by 30th of July. Whereas, the reality is, they cant finish even half of the promised job by a date they picked themselves!! Anyway, let me predict the dates:

  • Another announcement of delay – Mid September
  • First 3-lane bridge – End of November
  • Complete six lane bridge – April 2007

Now, lets wait and watch if I know my astrology well.

One Response

  1. you are optimistic, i can bet that the First 3-lane bridge will not be ready by end of year. I have witnessed Airport road bridge sitting in diamond distrci for last three years….

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