Pune airport: construction and safety

pune airport1
Safe landing at Pune. What lies ahead?
pune airport2

pune airport3
Must walk right into it. No overhead protection, and of course no helmets!

pune airport4
Leaving the building with even more dangerous metallic structures overhead.

pune airport5
Out of the airport, leaving all that construction behind and all safe!

I asked myself, who will be liable if a bolt, brick or a pillar came down on an unsuspecting passenger? AAI (Airport Authority of India), the contractor, or the airline? Let us hope Pune airport will avoid a situation that could demand this answer. But I was surprised to see no safety measures for passengers in the middle of all the construction that is on there.

You could say I am making this too big a deal. After all, “safety last” is our motto, and this is no exception at all!


8 Responses

  1. Sir..India will never going to develop. As long as we have dirty / un educated/un cultured/un ethical /un reliable politicians/officials. India may need another 200 years to become completely developed country.

    Everyone talks about IT/outsource and all..but all crap. India never gave any world class product. People talk about Infosys..but actually it is another body shopping company. Infy pay low wages to workers and get big projects for millions.
    Jai narayanamurthy!

  2. I disagree with you here. Not sure how long it will take our country to “develop”. But, the pace will quicken only when me and you stop blaming the politicians and officials. Thats typical of us. Never do our own bit – beat the rules, aviod paying taxes, jump the red lights, spit on the road and so on – because “everyone else does so”. We never bother to check on what these so called politicians/officials are doing – we have given them a free hand. What do you expect then?

    Yes, it is hard for you and me to do that, you can say. And its equally hard for a politician to do what you expect them to (money is chasing them like Menaka). So its a stalemate, but is slowly getting broken, so there is hope :)

  3. […] Landed at Pune airport. As you know, a lot of construction is on there. Anyway. So I come out of the airport and a huge billboard greets me. Sharad Pawar, D Y Patil and all. I am like okay, looks like elections are around, the guys must be asking for votes. […]

  4. india is country of corrupt beurocrat /officials. they are as corrupt as our political leader.

  5. India is a developing country and it will take another 500 years to become a developed country seeing the current political scene .The problem lies in the huge population which has gone out of control and dirty corruption which has reached and affected common man unlike developed countries.

  6. though India is devloping country we are the one who can make it as devlop countery and for that we have to behave within India like we behave in other countries(simply follow the rules) and see may be tomorrow we find the cange

  7. Despite of corrupt politician ,officials India is developing very fast now due to only its huge population. Now this population seems bless for India.

  8. Nice article here i found one site for safety equipments such as safety helmets, goggles, hand gloves .

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